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  1. lovestaco

    Hack Your Design Skills: Basic Rules of Design for Non-Designers

    Discover design essentials for non-designers from 'The Non-Designer’s Design Book' and Joe Natoli's 'Design Rules.' Improve your skills and make designs that have a strong impact. Take a quick guide to understand design principles better and boost your design abilities. Entering the world of...
  2. L

    HTML display:grid problem

    Hi all, this is my first posting on this forum. I want to make some kind of calculator exercicing with HTML grid system, however i ranned into problem. at class="block2" i want the letter C to be positioned at the very start, something like...
  3. L

    Styling an HTML site with CSS without changing the code

    Hi! I need help with a school assignment. The assignment is to style a website with at least two images, and making it easier to read without changing the HTML. We have received a code but we may only link to our own CSS file and therefore make no other changes inside the HTML code. I am very...
  4. S

    Web animations | A few questions?

    Hi, I need help for a project, where states are to be mapped graphically, see the picture in the attachment. It is about the fact that when states and variables in javascript change, this should be displayed graphically. Until now I have done it so that there is a picture for all possible...
  5. Abilesh

    Designing my application

    The problem that I am facing now is how to design & structure my project. Here is brief explanation of the roles of my application. It executes a child process and controls them using ptrace. Thus I would be doing things like peeking, poking of the child process's address space. I would also be...
  6. B

    HTML & CSS Section of site is restricting content to a narrow column

    Next to no coding experience. Built this site a couple years ago with a visual builder, which has since been discontinued. The code is pretty wacky, and since I don't have much experience, I'm going to put a wall of code on this post. Hard for me to say what is the problem spot. Sorry. This is...
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