1. G

    Python Not sure how I can fix my code for a small turtle feeding game (in turtle) :)

    Hi, I'm having some issues with this section of my code, it has errors in Terminal and the feedback isn't very specific. Thanks!! import turtle import time variable1=turtle # turtle object #img_turtle = #turtle.register_shape('turtle.gif') #img_turtle.shape('turtle.gif') speed =...
  2. D

    Trying to learn how to read static data file

    Hey guys im trying to learn on how to put a static data file in plainish English with almost zero experience is there anyone that may be able to assist me with their knowledge
  3. simonwyns

    JavaScript Does anyone know how i can make my Snake game start on button click?

    I'm using a code that i found on the internet to make a snake game. The game starts automatically when the page is loaded. Now i want to have a button to start the game so that it doesnt start automatically. But everything i try fails and make the game not work anymore. Does anyone know how i...
  4. EkBass


    So, here it is. My first ever Javascript program. Used p5 for some reason here too. Anyway, simple 2D sidescroll jump around whatever. Still wondering is JS or C# the one i would like to use for my future (and prpably similar) projects. Playable game via browser here. GitHub link here. Check...
  5. B

    JavaScript for some reason this text doesnt show up

    aimCanvas.ctx.fillStyle = "#404040"; aimCanvas.ctx.textAlign = "center"; aimCanvas.ctx.textBaseline = "center"; aimCanvas.ctx.font = "50px Open Sans"; aimCanvas.ctx.fillText("End", this.centerLeft, this.centerTop - 20)...
  6. L0L2G00D


    I'm making a game in Javascript.
  7. M

    Woods - A Text-Adventure, Survival-Game

    (No longer being worked on. Sorry for the inconvenience).
  8. D

    Tutorial Simple Guessing Game In C[TUTORIAL]

    Hey everyone. Welcome to this C-Programming Tutorial. In today's Tutorial, I'm going to be showing you how to make a simple Guessing Game in C. Let's begin. First of all, choose where you want to store your Files. Is it in your Documents Directory, a separate Hard-Drive, choose where it will...
  9. spooky.mp3


    When night is falling, things start to get a little spooky. -------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: You are free to use this in any of your Projects. You don't need to message me. Feel free to download it.