1. datdatyul

    Java Spring Cloud Docker - Cannot access any service through api gateway and Cannot access any service itself

    Spring Cloud Docker - Cannot access any service through api gateway and Cannot access any service itself I have a problem about accessing any service through api gateway. Here is the properties file of api-gateway ``` ``` For instance, I tried to access user service through api gateway, I...
  2. datdatyul

    Java Cannot fetch all properties from Config Server in Spring Cloud

    I have a problem in my Spring Cloud Example running in Docker. I cannot fetch all properties file from config server. How can I do that? I only fetched 4 properties file (advertisement service, user service, api gateway and report service) while other properties file(eureka server and...
  3. datdatyul

    Java Spring Cloud Cannot register any service to Eureka Server in Docker through docker-compose.yml

    I'm trying to implement an example of **Spring Cloud** with its all services running in **Docker**. I cannot register any service to **eureka server** as **eureka server** throws a connection issue in **Docker**. When I show the **logs** of **eureka server** through this command (**docker...
  4. datdatyul

    Java Spring Cloud Docker Issues (Connection Refused)

    I have problem on Docker side. When I run docker-compose, 1) Keycloak,rabbitmq,mysql and config server are running. 2) Here is my error in Eureka Server ```Connect Timeout Exception on Url - http://configserver:9191/. Will be trying the next u rl if available 2022-08-17 11:39:08.699 WARN 1...
  5. strawbs89

    HTML & CSS Radio on-air script

    hi i'm having problems with my script it won't show my djimages when my staff are on air "could someone please possible help" here's my js script (function( d ) { 'use strict'; function onair(){ var dj = d.querySelector('#dj'), nd = new Date(), dy = nd.getDay()...
  6. datdatyul

    Docker Compose Issue : Access to DialectResolutionInfo cannot be null when 'hibernate.dialect' not set

    I have a problem about running docker-compose file through this command (`docker-compose up -d`). After running the command, I noticed that 3 services (**advertisement service, user service and lastly report service**) cannot run. It throws an error when I try to see logs in each services...
  7. datdatyul

    Java Cannot see queue in rabbitmq in my Spring Boot Microservices

    I'm trying to implement an example of **Spring Cloud**. I have a problem **not showing queue** in **rabbitmq** running in **docker** when I send a message from advertisement service to report service.. Here is the **rabbitmq code** defined in **docker-compose.yml** rabbitmq: image...
  8. datdatyul

    Docker compose Cannot execute request on any known server

    I tried to implement an **example** of **Spring Boot Microservice** examples. I have a problem in **docker-compose** file. **Eureka server** and **api gateways** throws an **issue** defined below while there is no issue in config server. Here is the issue ...
  9. Hilton D

    C++ The complexity of string concatenation in C++ and Java

    Consider the following code: public String joinWords(String[] words) { String sentence = ""; for(String w : words) { sentence = sentence + w; } return sentence; } Because each concatenation generates a new copy of the string, the overall complexity is O(n2). Fortunately...
  10. Okonomiyaki

    Java CommandLineRunner won't add roles to users

    I'm follow a tutorial on Spring Boot Security, but I got stuck. Currently I'm setting up a CommandLineRunner, which does 3 things: - Create Roles - Create User - Add roles to users Running the code creates a table with the created roles and a table for the created users, but adding roles to...
  11. aartiyadav

    Java Error in Running a Java Program

    Hello All, I am in learning face to java programming and to run my program at the command prompt, I downloaded the java development kit also known as JDK, and I set my windows 10 system path to: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-9.0.1\bin;C:\Program Files\Java\jre-9.0.1\bin After writing a simple...
  12. S

    JavaScript installation of JAVA version 2 (JRE 1.3)

    Hello everyone, I am new here and a beginner, I want to install fudaa-refonde and for this purpose I need to install JAVA version 2 (JRE 1.3) on ubuntu 18 LTS. This is an old version of JRE and I am a bit lost on the oracle website. Thanks for your Help studjo
  13. aartiyadav

    Java Infinite Loop in Java Error?

    Hello Everyone, I am new in this community and new to Java and am attempting to write code that takes the number of sides of a polygon and the length of each side as input and gives the area of the polygon as output. The JRE I am using says that my code will not run, possibly because of an...
  14. S

    Java OOP Othello Minimax- issue making gametree

    Hi, I don't suppose anyone could help me with an issue I'm having trying to make an Othello board game AI. The issue is with creating the list of "children" where each child is a copy of the current board with one legal move made on it (using this for minimax) I'm getting this error "Cannot...
  15. B

    Java Two small Java games by Markus "Notch" Persson

    Hello there, CF! As I was scouting the web the other day for some interesting Java projects to contribute to, I came across two that not could I contribute to, but rather, mod and analyse. I present to you, two of Markus "Notch" Persson's(creator of Minecraft) previous projects: "Breaking The...
  16. Johna

    "Execution failed for task ':app:processDebugResources'." in Android studio

    When I try building my app in android studio I get this error: Executing tasks: [:app:assembleDebug] in project C:\Users\[My User Name]\AndroidStudioProjects\CookingConverterA10 > Task :app:preBuild UP-TO-DATE > Task :app:preDebugBuild UP-TO-DATE > Task :app:compileDebugAidl NO-SOURCE > Task...
  17. 220061

    PHP password hash and verify help??

    Hello I'm trying to do a password_has and password verify for my project. I'm trying to make my project safer step by step. I have already put a pashword hash in my code and that works as you see: but I can't seem to get it to verify. it either says password incorrect or I can't login at all...
  18. Bogdan Floares

    C++ C++ class meaning

    What is a cpp class an how does it work. In java and c# a class(marked as public) is pretty much just a source file, or a public class is associated with a source file, for example: public class Program{ } Or Program.cs: public class Program{ } Or I can have some not...
  19. Bogdan Floares

    Java Make a java app that doesn't require Java Runtime Enviorment on the user's PC

    I have an app developed with Java Development Kit and I after building to an Executable JAR, I tried a free jar to exe converter hoping that it doesn't require JRE to run on a Windows Computer. I tried to run it on a Windows 10 Virtual Machine and it says Java Runtime 1.8 or above is required(I...
  20. H

    JavaScript simple a+b does not work

    Hi, What am i doing wrong that it does not give the answer"hello world". Instead i get error message: "e is not defined" function greeting(k){ var ans=m+e; m=hello; e=world; return ans; } var i=greeting(k); print(i);
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