1. Mathematical

    Java Good Frameworks/Libraries For Developing Java Desktop Applications?

    Hey there. I'm quite interested in toying around with building desktop applications with the Java programming-language. Aside from Java's AWT, Swing, and JavaFX(They can't seem to make their mind-up on what to use as a library), what other frameworks/libraries are there for developing Java...
  2. Mathematical

    Java Tutorial Running A Java Program

    Hey there. If you're just starting to learn Java, then I suggest you read this tutorial. You probably write all of your Java code inside an IDE(Eclipse, IntelliJ, NetBeans, etc.) and also run that code inside the IDE. The thing is, you're gonna want to acquaint yourself with compiling and...
  3. Mathematical

    Java Your Opinion On Java?

    Hey there. So, I think it's pretty apparent by now that the tech world's opinion on Java is highly divided. Some people like Java, some people don't, and some people are in the middle. Java, as both a language and software-platform, has come under many harsh reviews by both users and...
  4. Mathematical

    Java An Explanation Of Java

    What Is Java? Invented by James Gosling and a few other amazing programmers in at Sun Microsystems back in 1995/1996, Java is a multi-paradigm, object-oriented programming-language. As stated, Java is a multi-paradigm language, but it's core paradigm is object-oriented. So, all of your...
  5. LenniCodes

    Java How can I control Spotify-Desktop with Java?

    Hi there! I am trying to make a java-program to control the Desktop Spotify-Program... not with the Web-API... it should't need to be a premium spotify-account. I don't know how to do... anybody ideas? :)
  6. C

    JavaScript Click Button

    Hi, I have this code: which makes me have a button (Click Me) where every time I click it, the number changes upwards (from 1 to 99). Whenever it reaches 99, another button appears (Reset Me) that makes the count start again. - This makes it necessary to have two buttons. What I would like...