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  1. BorkedSystem32

    Open-Source Projects

    Hello there, I'm creating this thread as a way to further publicize open-source projects and make them easier to find in case you wish to contribute to them or want something to use that is specifically open-source. If you have any projects you would like to add, just respond with them and...
  2. MrO

    Python Pull data from an a2l file and save to json?

    I will admit i am not very good with python, but what i set out to do i thought was very easy. i learn by example, and i can figure almost anything out eventually and im sure i will after enough time, but man at the moment i am so lost lol. basically i need to pull the name of all the...
  3. Donler

    C# How to compare two Sharepoint Lists and add Item from one list into the other one?

    https://stackoverflow.com/questions/72962230/how-to-compare-two-sharepoint-lists-and-add-item-from-one-list-into-the-other-on?noredirect=1#comment128892889_72962230 Please I really need help🙏 LG Donler
  4. voldyy

    Python Digit into number

    Hi, how can i change this code to work for two-digit numbers or three-digit number? For now only work for single digit numbers, tried to change algorthm but didnt work. def to_number(digits): result=digits[0] for el in digits[1:]: result=result*10 result=result + el...
  5. KittenKatja

    HTML & CSS Flexing on my start page

    I recently moved from using Stylus to inject stylesheets into websites, I go to very often, to make a personal HTML file. In it, I made a div column inside is x amount of row divs, and inside are two more divs title and list and inside the list are a bunch of links. I gave the first div {width...
  6. BorkedSystem32

    Linux Resources List

    Introduction This thread serves as a list of links to resources on Linux. Placed first are non-distribution resources; the distribution-specific resources can be found at the bottom of this thread. Resources include mailing-lists/forums/newsgroups, tutorial sites, wikis, videos, books, and...
  7. BorkedSystem32

    Advice/Tips/Book Thread

    Introduction This thread serves as a list of threads and tips shared around the Internet which may be beneficial for those learning or wanting to improve. Videos and books can also be shared here too. You may post your links, as long as the linked site does not contain anything potentially...
  8. B

    JavaScript Trouble with expandable accordion list - extra space

    Hello! I'm trying to perfect an expandable accordion list that I put together, but I cant seem to fix the fact that there is extra white space after the text on every single block (See example here). Heres what I have: <link rel="stylesheet"...
  9. L

    CSS How to style an unordered list without styling another one nested within it

    Hi all, This is my first time posting, so I hope I’m doing it correctly.... please bear with me. I’m very new to coding, so this is probably a super easy question to answer, but it’s driving me nuts. I have an <ul> nested within another <ul> I need to style the direct children of that FIRST...
  10. K

    Python List index out of range error while iterating through 2 lists in python

    I have 2 Lists in my code. data list is having len = 11 new_list is having len = 23 I have to search if a string from data list and check if it exists in new_list. I can see that my target_data gets filled with data,but when i go to print it, I get an error.. My data list contents as below...
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