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  1. Velpus Captiosus

    Fun activity Building a OS

    Hello.I am interesting in building a OS for a desktop or a mobile computer.However the task is way too big for 1 person so I am interested in collaborating with someone(s).
  2. C

    Regarding GitHub repsoitory - is this code useable in it's current state?

    This is the repository: https://github.com/apivideo/api.video-ios-live-stream#ios-rtmp-live-stream-client Do you mind taking a peek at it and telling me, if I download it onto an iphone, is this useable in it's current state? Or are there other steps required to make that happen?
  3. U

    HTML & CSS Solution for my hover "reveal" buttons on mobile?

    Hi Everyone :) I have a set of buttons which flip over when hovered to reveal the link. Unfortunately I didn't realise they're useless on touch devices. Ideally I would like mobile/touch the user to be able to tap the button and reveal the link (the first tap emulating the "hover" function) -...
  4. uploadusername

    Whats new in flutter 3

  5. uploadusername

    Future of Flutter

    What is the future of Flutter? It could not be a better time to discuss the future of Flutter because, as of today, May 2022, it has just launched Flutter 3. With their new-in-the-market features, it becomes easier to hold a microscope on the future plans of Flutter and predict its outcome. With...
  6. uploadusername

    Flutter programmer

    Flutter is complicated, are there any flutter programmers, for flutter projects.
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