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Future of Flutter

What is the future of Flutter?
It could not be a better time to discuss the future of Flutter because, as of today, May 2022, it has just launched Flutter 3.
With their new-in-the-market features, it becomes easier to hold a microscope on the future plans of Flutter and predict its outcome.
With that, let’s look at what is new in Flutter 3, 2022.
1. Menu Cascading and Support for the MacOS System Menu Bar
Few main features that are included in flutter 3 contain-
o Fresh inputs for platform-specific integration.
o Interactive models for compilation to build support.
o Provide accessibility.
o Internationalization.
It fulfills the purpose of offering flexibility to effectively use the operating system. Along with that, share optimal UI logic as required as well.
2. Material You Support
Flutter 3’s transition to Material Design 3, an in-house design of Google, is one of its highlighting points.
It has, hence, provided an adaptable cross-platform design system that helps transform Flutter app into an interactive product.
3. Flutter Firebase
A comprehensive set of tools are required by the publishers to aid in operating, building, and releasing future flutter apps. These tools include services like authentication, device testing, cloud functions, and data storage.
Flutter has many third-party integrations. Firebase is one of them. It is Google’s back-end platform for building mobile and web applications.
The team at Flutter has announced Flutter Firebase integration enabling a fully supported core part of the Firebase offering.
o Firebase Crashlytics- Tracking errors in real-time using Flutter Crashlytics Plugins. The stability of your app can be kept tabs on as the feature includes alerting metrics like “crash-free users”.
4. Flutter’s Games Toolkit
That’s right! Flutter is focusing on gaming as well this time around by releasing an easy-to-use casual gaming tool kit. The kit includes templates and credit for ads and cloud services.
You can also develop games on flutter through the Games doc page.
Did you know? A fun pinball game powered by Firebase and Flutter’s web support has been created by engineers at flutter. This shows the versatility of the new Flutter 3 update.
5. Mobile Update
It includes two sub-points-
o Foldable support for phones- This feature is designed in collaboration with Microsoft. It introduces new widgets and features incorporated for a foldable mobile device. It makes the experience even more appealing and interesting.
o Variable refresh rate support for iOS- This feature is specific to iOS platforms including iPad Pro and iPhone 13 Pro. They support variables refresh rate and ProMotion display. The previously limited refresh rate rendering capacity of 60 HZ is now increased to 120 HZ.
6. Web Updates
It also includes two sub-points-
o Image Decoding- new APIs are included to decode images off the main thread. This decoding is done with 2x speed in this feature. This ensures that the main thread is never blocked and that the junk build-up of the past is cleared.
o Web app lifestyle- this gives us an opportunity and option to control the process of bootstrapping your app and can now leverage the desktop support for your app.
7. Theme extensions and Ads
o Theme Extensions- Theme Data of the material library can now be added using Theme extensions.
o Ads- Making personalized ads and managing Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATTT) requirements as per the publisher's ask can be supported in Flutter 3.
Now that we have discussed the current new features of Flutter, it is evident that this framework is not only positioning itself as an ideal choice for maximum requirements and trends in the IT world but also delivering its finest and fastest results for it. It is, hence, safe to say that the future of Flutter is sunny-side-up.
Checkout the 5 reasons to choose Flutter for your uber clone app development,

Cross-platform native apps

Flutter has the ability to build and deliver an app in a single codebase that can be used to run across multiple platforms such as Android and iOS at the same time. So that, we can add new features and functionalities in Android and iOS simultaneously and it reduces the development time.

Reducing development costs and time

As discussed above, Flutter is built with a single codebase that can be used to run across multiple platforms. As a result, it helps to reduce development costs and time.

Improved performance

Compared with other cross-platform frameworks, Flutter provides faster performance for the applications in real-time.

Fast testing with hot reload

Flutter also comes with a 'Hot reload' option, which allows developers to see code changes almost instantly.

Impressive User Interface (UI)

Flutter offers a rich catalog of UI components and interactive widgets to create visually stunning applications. In the case of the Uber clone, the user interface plays a vital role in the app success, hence choosing the flutter will improve the user experience.

Get to know about Wooberly, a highly customizable and ready-made Uber clone app built with Flutter that helps entrepreneurs to create an on-demand taxi booking app.
The future of Flutter looks promising. Its rapid growth and strong community support indicate it will continue to gain traction as a top choice for cross-platform app development. Expect advancements in performance, tooling, and broader adoption across industries, making it a key player in the mobile app development landscape.

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