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    Suggestion Privacy/Security Discussion Board

    Hey there. I've recently just gotten the Idea of CF having a Board for talking about Privacy and maybe some Security-Related stuff. Users can talk about how their Data is being used, how to stop Data-Collection and for Security, they can maybe talk about how to stay safe online and how to keep...
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    Do You Cover-Up Your Webcam?

    So, do you cover-up your Webcam? Covering-up our Webcams is something that's starting to become more and more common and so I'm wondering if any of you's are doing it. As for me(A person who's recently taken Privacy seriously), I've just covered-up my Webcams on both my Laptop and Smartphone...
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    What Search-Engine Is The Best For Privacy?

    Hey there. So in the past few weeks, I've started to get really serious about my Privacy. I've limited Data-Collection for Companies like Google and I want to start getting away from their Products now. One of the Google Products that I have successfully gotten away from is their...