1. B

    Open-Source Projects

    Hello there, I'm creating this thread as a way to further publicize open-source projects and make them easier to find in case you wish to contribute to them or want something to use that is specifically open-source. If you have any projects you would like to add, just respond with them and...
  2. Johna

    One of the first projects I've actually completed: Chrome Extention

    Well so I made this extension a last week. It removes that sign up popup when you view a Quora page. I can't upload is on the chrome web store, cause you need to pay 5 euros/dollars, whatever it...
  3. B

    Small project ideas

    Hey there. I've been away from programming for a ridiculously long time now and only now am I trying to get back into it - it's quite hard though. I'd like some projects to do in the meantime to help me get back into the swing of things. I don't want basic things(e.g. calculator, guess the...
  4. M

    My Advice To Newer Programmers - Part 2

    Hey there. You may have read this thread here: That thread was giving advice to newer programmers, who don't exactly know what to do or learn. I'm thinking it'd be best to write more pieces of advice for newcomers, providing...
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