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Building a News Site with HTML & CSS


Legendary Coder
I am thinking about building a news site using HTML & maybe CSS.
Where to begin? Any feedback is welcome.
Any suggestions on what to add on there?
Feel free to guide me. Thank you.
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Something like this is possible but man that would be a ball ache with just HTML/CSS. Your going to need to use PHP to make your life a bit easier and honestly start strong, go with wordpress and later on down the line you will thank us. Wordpress will make it easyer to display blog posts etc.
You could use an RSS feed from a paid source. As long as your not scraping content without asking there's no shame in it. I was actually trying to find some type of news feed that I could actually pay money for to have on my own site but to no avail and couldn't find one.

Really writing your own news is tough. I've done it before and had some people helping me over on another website.

You actually can use bbc or yahoo news free but their RSS feeds are not that good. To be honest your only allowed to put in the preview of it before they have to click the link to "read more" and it's an annoyance. If you know any good paid news feeds let me know I'd be really interested in hearing from you.

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