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Show Chat Banter Community!

Brad P

New Coder
Chat Banter, we aim to be a all round general chat site with a leaning toward movies, tv shows, video games, Art and forum games with some great articles to read from as well, If you get a moment please sign up and take a tour around the community and let me know your thoughts!



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Brad P

New Coder
Just a little update this morning on a milestone for Chat Banter.

After 3 months of being open we have hit a nice message count of 3k with 530 threads. Site activity is looking good (Nice & Steady) i would like to thank all the current members for helping make a nice general chat community its growing nicely and have some great intresting threads.

Brad P

New Coder
Site Update.

I have moved the style over to PixelExit and now running xenbase 2.2 still pretty much the same look but running on a proper style.
Also added dark style as an option to select from.


Dark Style


Brad P

New Coder
Happy New Year to all!!

With it being 2021 it's time to start off with a custom style and with activity growing at ChatBanter we are well on our way to hitting 8k messages.