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HTML & CSS cs cart tax info

Hi there, it's about cs-cart multivendor ultimate. Unfortunately, the shop system is not designed for Germany and does not comply with the law. On the one hand, the cost statement in the checkout as well as the document creation is incorrect and may not be used in Germany. With the help of the pictures you can see what it looks like at the moment and how it has to look and how it has to be calculated. This should then be transferred directly to the document template so that it is also correct there. Should be everything to my knowledge so that it would be legally compliant. Unless please let us know what still needs to be done. 1. The price calculation and display in the shopping cart does not have the necessary items - Subtotal - Shipping - Total - total net amount - excl. 19% value-added tax. 2. The .pdf documents are also not legally compliant for Germany, the items as in point 1 must also be calculated and displayed on the invoices. Version 4.14.1 Multi Vendor Ultimate


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King Coder
I find your claim very hard to believe. I went to the company site. They offer a free trial, one year of free support, and according to their site, are fully customizable without coding knowledge. I think I would take advantage of the free support and let them show you how to do the things you want to do.