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Hawk Technology

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why not host your own gitlab instance? It's very simple.
I did this first of all because I don't want the other service to manage my data: https://gitlab.anzah.network

@williamdev don't let @Weboogle annoy you, in the meantime everyone should have noticed that he or she trolls more than makes serious comments

If not all websites would use this damn google captcha, I would like to write there why the site is so slow.
179 third party sources that are loaded and 43 cookies take time, because a lot of data has to be sold to many companies.

But the forum itself is also quite contaminated: 32 third party sources with 110 and 30 cookies

I would really love to get more involved in forums, but not like this. It's more than shameful that they sell so much of their user data to companies.
I am not trolling anyone on here. I am just an active forum user on here that's all.
Brad said:
Another project from @Daniel, I give it 2 months tops.
God sake, @Brad. Listen to me for just this once. And listen carefully.

I don't own this project anymore. I wasn't the one who posted this thread. I'm done with all of my projects. WebWareBox is no longer being developed by me, it's being developed by @williamdev, which he decided to put under an organization. But while WebWareBox was created by me, I've given it to @williamdev and while I did help him get some stuff off the ground, I no longer have any involvement with WebWareBox or Hawk Technology.

So, if you have any complaints, direct them to @williamdev. Not me. I'm not dealing with another annoying bugger who gets on my nerves all the time.

Ok but the description can only be done by you, unless someone with pyton experience works into the code and then does the description.
Hey, still waiting for your explanation on this bit.
Tealk said:
how do you want to create a text about a project and the code it contains if you do not know it?
Look. How it started was that I first opened-up an issue on my old GitHub account on why a ToS and Privacy Policy was needed. Because, essentially they're needed for every digital service nowadays. So, I opened-up the issue.

But, just because I don't know Python doesn't mean that I cannot write the documents. If I needed to know what was essentially happening then I could essentially just have looked at the comments in the code and got @williamdev to provide an explanation of what the code does. Then when I know what it does then I can just continue writing the documents. Simple.

But again, I've left Hawk Technology and WebWareBox is no longer under my name. So, I'm not writing these documents nor' is @williamdev contracting me to do so. It's completely up to him to write these documents or if somebody else joins the project, get them to write it.
Hey there everyone.

As the original-creator of WebWareBox who gave @williamdev the rights to the project, I have since become very disappointed with him. Due to yours and my curiosity as to where he's went and what he's been up to instead of developing the project, I have since contacted him as of today.

I have asked him about Hawk Technology and WebWareBox, why Hawk Technology no longer has a GitHub organisation page, and where he's been this whole time.

Although, he hasn't been very active by the looks of it here on CF and so it may be a while until I finally get a response. In the meantime, you'll have to wait. Once he responds, I'll give every single one of you an update, or if he chooses to, he can speak for himself.

If he does also choose to give up on the project, somebody else can take it. If he doesn't choose to give it up and promises to start working on it again, I have promised him that I'll find a person or two to help with the work.

Again, I'll keep you all updated.

Hey everyone.

It's been a month since I last posted and unfortunately, I still haven't gotten a response. Judging by @williamdev's inactivity both here on CF and on his GitHub profile, I doubt that we'll ever be hearing from him for the foreseeable future, maybe even forever. He has simply left both unfinished work and a failed deal behind.

I encourage all of you to simply just go ahead and fork the WebWareBox project at this point. I'm done with trying to look for new people to take it on and I'm not having somebody leave it all behind just to gather dust. So please, fork the project on GitHub(Or simply download the source-code and host the development elsewhere), and do whatever you want with it. Rename it, choose different tools and languages to work with, change the goal of the project, do whatever. I'm not bothered, plus, forking is what will keep this train-wreck going.

Thank you. If @williamdev magically comes along, either he himself can explain where he's been this whole time or he can message me and I'll give you all an update.
Hey there.

Now that we are reaching about 3 months now without a response, I figured it's time for one last update. @williamdev, still has not responded nor' has he been active for months now. As a result, you can all pronounce this organization of his dead. The version of WebWareBox included.

As a result of all this, @williamdev no longer owns the rights to WebWareBox. WWB isn't dead either, it's just now back to sitting on my shelf again now. I don't intend on doing anything with it, but if something does happen with it, I'll let you guys know so that you can start helping with it. In the meantime, feel free to fork @williamdev's version of WWB or perhaps start a project of your own. It'll be fun, I assure you.

Thank you.

Side-Note: This thread is now closed due to the inactivity of the original poster. Thanks for your contributions to both this thread and CF though.

@williamdev, if you're reading this: If you want to open up this thread again, feel free to contact me. Although, I highly doubt you will at this point.
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