1. Johna

    What is GitHub?

    I don't really know what exactly GitHub is, or what it's for. I know you put your code there, but is that all it does? Is it something every coder should have? Should I get GitHub, and if yes, how do I use it and what does it do? Can someone please explain to me what it is, and if I should get...
  2. M

    Git Discussion

    Hey there, everyone. I'm sure you all know what Git is, correct? If not, then let me explain. Git is version-control-system("VCS"), that was invented by Linux Kernel creator, Linus Torvalds, for use in only the Linux Kernel. Since then, it has became the dominant VCS system for programmers and...
  3. williamdev

    Hawk Technology

    We (Daniel and I) have created an organization for any projects that we create. If you want to join, the information on how to do so is here:
  4. D

    Oxygen/Oxygen Software

    Hey everyone. As of today(And after a day of working on it), I have created an Organization on GitHub. It's called: Oxygen(But it can also be referred to as Oxygen Software). Oxygen is a decentralized Group/Organization on the Internet that creates FOSS Software. Think of GNU. Oxygen has...
  5. D

    WebWareBox Going Under Heavy Re-Write, WebWareBox As Software And A WebWareBox Website

    Hey there, everyone. As of today, I'd just like to say that WebWareBox has just started undergoing a heavy Re-Write. Now, you're probably wondering as to why a Re-Write is going on. Well, let me explain. So most of this has to do with the Site's Design. For one, it is extremely out-dated...