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Helpful tools and Resources


You usually don't want to use a closed-source browser, even if it has neat features.
This also applies to Vivaldi from the list.
The bigger problem is the chromium and so G dominates the market and they can determine how to program websites.
G dominates the market

Yeah but this is a generic "helpful tools" list, so I don't think that market-domination should be a factor here.
Chromium, and open-source browsers based on it, are definitely "helpful tools" as long as they aren't a privacy risk for their users.
There isn't a problem with the Opera Browser. I myself, used it and I have to say that it's great. Even if it is a Chromium-Browser, nothings wrong with it. It also doesn't need to be Open-Source or Closed-Source. Besides, most Browsers are Closed-Source anyway.

And as @sn0w said, Market-Domination shouldn't be a Key-Factor here. I think we know that Google and Chromium is essentially controlling almost the entire Market but that doesn't mean that a Browser shouldn't be on the List.
I'd like to add some neat online tools that I frequently use:

CyberChef ~ The "Cyber Swiss Army Knife" for data analysis, encryption, encoding, and more
cppinsights.io ~ Source-To-Source C++ Compiler that uncovers the hidden magic your compiler does
godbolt.org ~ Compiler Explorer, compiles and then disassembles code for various native languages
sharplab.io ~ Compiler Explorer for .NET languages (C#, F#, VB)
regexper.com ~ Visualizes regular expressions as a graph
Like always, I've got some more Tools for you to pick-up and try:
  • SciTE
  • FireAlpaca
  • Paint.net
  • C++-Dev
  • Geany
Hello Coders!

Thank you all for your contribution to this thread. I have created a Google form to help better manage your suggestions to add to the list, you can click https://forms.gle/kvTf8aZbvXjZFFjG7 to proceed to this form. However, you may continue to post suggestions here.

Anything before this posts will still be added, no need to resubmit into the form.
Then don’t use it, like I mentioned above you can continue to suggest within thread. Just because you don’t like google doesn’t mean you have to force it upon others.

It’s being used as a form to collect information so it’s easier for me to check the ones that I have already added.
I disagree. I don't think there is anything wrong with using a Google service. We use Google services in our business because it's reliable/stable, cheap, high quality, and they do the job better than many other services. I've also used Google in school projects years ago, I still use Google services for personal projects, and I have never had any issues.
I think it's a pity that a service as untrustworthy as google is used for this.
All further comments/replies related to Google's trustworthiness and data privacy, etc should be posted in this thread:

I moved all of our discussions out of this thread as it merits its own thread.
Just a tip: if you want to share a tool or resource be sure to tell what it is, url and what category.
A tool to dynamically generate prepared queries in PHP based on user input for predefined fields and options. Currently supports SELECT and INSERT queries.
It is a tool I made to help people start using prepared queries, which are more secure than other types of DB commands.

Made by me :)

I am adding support for other queries today :) DELETE, UPDATE and a general connection generator too.

@OscarDeer this should help you with WWB!
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Thanks for sharing that with me. I'm sure it will help with the Development of WebWareBox. Although maybe some Documentation on how to use it and use it in your Code would be nice.

Thanks for sharing that with me. I'm sure it will help with the Development of WebWareBox. Although maybe some Documentation on how to use it and use it in your Code would be nice.
Hey, good idea
I do plan on documenting it a bit more in the future, but for the time being I have produced a very fast paced tutorial video on how to use the tool with some basic information about each part. I will create a thread about it on CF & ping you there - I do not want to go off-topic or into too much detail about QueryPro in this thread here :)

in the meantime, you can watch the video here (I will post a thread later)
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Coolors - an online generator for color palettes. It has quite a few pre-selected palettes that are popular, but you can generate new ones whenever you want. It is "smart" so it tries to pick darks, lights, mediums, etc. Sometimes the results are iffy, but I have used some of my favorite color schemes based on auto generated palettes from this site. It's a very nice tool for designers & developers


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