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Hi JGTElite has join Codeforum.org


New Coder

My name is JGTELITE aka Thomas and I'm 36years old (I think, Every year I ask my friend how old will I be this year? So 36 or 37 )
I have some knowledge before in HTML, CSS but not much.
4 months ago I really start to learn the different languages in HTML / CSS / PHP / and some random starter learning.

Right now I can read and understand what some codes are doing. I can fix some errors and so. I can write codes in HTML and CSS. Have some hard time remembering the PHP code so when I build in PHP it's many Tutorials and Find Code and try to remake it to fit my needs.

Can much but have a long way to go before I'm a pro coder. Right now I try to get the grid, flex, and so on. <---- this topic is the reason why I find this forum.
Hope to get some help to get my Topnav and Sidenav in right place :)

And ofc I hope I can help with some of the problems and so :)

Click here to Visit my webpage ----> My Webpage - It's a work in progress so only index page is the right one.

This is me ;)


King Coder
Welcome to CF!
Flex and Grid can be quite confusing to work with. I always recommend using references when trying to input those properties because they are easy to mix up.
I personally like w3schools.com but MDN-Webdocs (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/) is a good reference as well :)

Hope to hear more from you in the forums :)