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Sass class with class specification using BEM

Hello there!

What I am going to ask is probably very easy, but I did not manage to get it even after so much search.

This is the HTML:

<form class='form-component'>
            <div class='form-component__row'></div>
            <div class='form-component__row form-component__row--error'></div>

And this is the CSS I want to achieve by using SASS:

So far, I managed to solve that by using this SASS:
.form-component {
    &__row {
        background-color: lightcoral;
        &.form-component__row--error {
            background-color: red;   

But I had to use the whole selector (form-component__row--error). Is there a way to do that by using two consecutive ampersands (&&)??

Thank you so much!!!
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