1. sonnystupid

    Z-Index not working

    here's the navbar's original home not going away, the dark brown bar is what i need help removing image of my problem, you can see the white line is the drop-down content hiding, and the navbar itself is sticky, however the drop-down isn't showing. So i'm trying to get a navbar to stick out over...
  2. proompter

    CSS CSS Grids Tutorial

    Hey guys, I've just created a new channel where I'm going to cover Full Stack related topics extensively, including CSS. Content isn't being monitized at the time of posting this so this is 100% free, hopefully you will learn a thing or two :) If you can like, comment, share and subscribe I'd...
  3. P

    Need help for applying simple font-style

    I've used some google fonts, let me show you some <link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css"> <link rel="preconnect" href="https://fonts.googleapis.com"> <link rel="preconnect" href="https://fonts.gstatic.com" crossorigin> <link...
  4. U

    HTML & CSS Solution for my hover "reveal" buttons on mobile?

    Hi Everyone :) I have a set of buttons which flip over when hovered to reveal the link. Unfortunately I didn't realise they're useless on touch devices. Ideally I would like mobile/touch the user to be able to tap the button and reveal the link (the first tap emulating the "hover" function) -...
  5. J

    CSS Arrow Changing on Mobile

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can point out what I might have wrong in my CSS, or whether this is the only way it'll work using the following code. I wanted to use an arrow, which works fine on desktop (first image). However, when viewing mobile the arrow changes to a rather ugly version of an arrow...
  6. malusuda

    Help with padding

    <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <style> .cart { background-color: rgb(255, 216, 20); padding-left: 20; padding-right: 20; padding-top: 5px; padding-bottom: 5px; border-radius: 12.5px; transition: 0.15s; border: none; } .cart:hover { background-color:goldenrod; } </style> </head>...
  7. H

    Hello.A Layout problem

    I cannot figure out what I wrote wrong when I made a mistake. The content doesn't have max-width 100% and goes beyond the borders. All layouts are not working as intended. If someone can help I will be grateful.
  8. D

    Answered Need help with cool button effect

    Hello all, I am attempting to create this button on Squarespace using CSS. The thing I can't figure out is how to create that off-set outline. I was thinking box-shadow, but there's no way to outline a shadow, as far as I know. Thanks in advance! Julia
  9. H

    Sass class with class specification using BEM

    Hello there! What I am going to ask is probably very easy, but I did not manage to get it even after so much search. This is the HTML: <form class='form-component'> <div class='form-component__row'></div> <div class='form-component__row...
  10. D

    JavaScript I'm trying to make a web extension that reverts youtube to an old layout, but i barely know anything about js or css

    so im trying to make a web extension that changes the current youtube layout to an old version that i plan on completely writing from scratch im trying to change the background but i think im doing it wrong this is my manifest script { "manifest_version": 3, "name"...
  11. T

    HTML & CSS jQuery Generated Variable Not Passing to CSS Keyframe Animation on Safari

    I have a CSS keyframe animation that uses a CSS variable as one of the animation properties. This variable is defined in jQuery. The entire animation seems to work fine in Chrome and Firefox. However, in Safari and on mobile browsers, only the portions of the animation not using the variable...
  12. J

    HTML & CSS Need Help Using Semantic Elements - Refactor Code

    Hi Everyone, I am starting out on learning how to code (the proper way) and I simply am at a total loss or confusion. I need to be able to refactor code using semantic elements in HTML & CSS. I cant figure out where to break each section or where to use its proper semantic element so that its...
  13. N

    JavaScript Grid module conflict with top (sidebar) menu. how to fix?

    Hello friends I hope you are all well. I need a little help from you if you are familiar with CSS, PhP or Javascript. I needed a grid display component for my site, and after searching I found a suitable one and installed it. Now the problem is that after activating the module related to this...
  14. SpongeBOB

    CSS set Child DIV same width and height as parent ?

    Hi everyone, is it possible with CSS only, to set width & height of a child DIV from his parent div --> I got <div id="Flex" style="display:flex;flex-wrap:wrap;justify-content: space-around"> <div id="A"> <div id="B"><img></div> </div> </div> so A is a Flex items and get...
  15. L

    Carousel slider doesn't work

    Hello, I just followed a videotutorial on how to build a carousel slider. Once I was done i tried it out, but it didn't work. Nothing happens when I click on the words left/right. I looked trough the whole code, but couldn't find any mistakes. I thought that maybe someone here could look an...
  16. nil14

    css justify content issue

    hi everyone , I'm trying to create a portfolio website and I can't put space between the list in the picture , I tried everything but I don't know what did I do wrong . code : GitHub - naex96/portfolio-website
  17. fusion

    HTML CSS Flux. Trying to get 2 items per row

    Morning all, I have been struggling with getting my flex to show 2 items per row on a desktop scree. I have searched the internet and tried to use flex-basis: 1 with min-width: 0, flex-basis: 50% and so many other things I have found online but none of it has worked. Thanks in advancewd to...
  18. Y

    HTML & CSS Empty div has width and height in % but does not appear

    Hi All, I have just bumped into this case while i am doing a freecodecamp challenge. In the freecodecamp editor the div showed per given % but when i tried to do the same in VSC i did not get the same result, so i created a little example. Could you please tell me how it works as it works with...
  19. timeolethug

    PHP how to make a mysql database on replit?

    Hello everyone, with a friend we make a dynamic website and for collaborate, we make it on replit.com, because we don't find how to create a database in this website. Did you know how to make it? (sorry for the spelling, i'm french) Thank you and good evening.
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