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Fun activity Say hello... in a coding language!


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var heyThere = ['Hello, ', 'My ', 'name ', 'is ']
var myName = "Matt"
var output = ""

for (var i = 0, i < heyThere.length, i++){
    output += heyThere[i];

output += myName + ".";

Might be a bit convoluted, but it should work in theory. Just wanted to include a for loop lol. Been awhile since I messed with any code. :thinking:

Ahh so close! The loop should be separated by semi-colons instead of commas. :p
for (var i = 0; i < heyThere.length; i++){
And here is something in my own language I'm working on:

        greeting -> <<
                a -> "Hello"
            ) /\ (
                b -> "Matt"
            ) /\ (
                a b
    ) /\ (
        greeting "!"

The language is taking its own path towards logic waters.
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New Coder
Hello World:
        h1 {
            color: Orange;
                font-size: 50px;
        .blood {
       color: Orange;
       4px 4px 1px #300000,
       4px 6px 1px #400000,
       4px 8px 1px #500000,
       4px 10px 1px #600000,
       4px 12px 1px #700000,
       4px 14px 1px #800000,
       4px 16px 1px #900000,
       4px 18px 1px #A00000,
       4px 20px 1px #B00000,
       4px 22px 1px #C00000,
       4px 24px 1px #D00000,
       4px 26px 1px #E00000,
       4px 28px 1px #F00000,
       4px 30px 1px #FA0000,
       4px 32px 1px #FB0000,
       4px 34px 1px #FC0000,
       4px 36px 1px #FD0000,
       4px 38px 1px #FE0000,
       4px 40px 2px #FF0000;
        <h1 class="blood">OLLEH</h1>

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