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HTML & CSS Search-Engine Sketch-Up

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So today, I was quite bored. So I figured that why not make a Sketch of a Search-Engine in HTML.

Now you're probably thinking: "But you can't make a Search-Engine, it's too hard."

Yes, I know it's hard to make a Search-Engine but don't worry, it doesn't involve any of that PHP or SQL Code that every Search-Engine has. This Search-Engine is just something that I cobbled together just for fun.

So here it is:
Screenshot from 2019-06-15 16-43-13.png
Now, yes. I know it looks really bad and it looks like something that you would find in the 90's, I get it. But again, it was just something that I put-together just for fun. I don't really care about the Font or Rounded-Corners.

So looking at the Photo, you can of course see the Name of the Search-Engine, the Search-Box and Search-Button and a Menubar that contains Links for an Image-Search, Video-Search and a List of Popular-Websites(Compass-Popularity).

Tell me what you think. I will continue to work on it just for fun as I don't plan on making it into an actual Website(And just so you know, that Link in the Search-Box does not take you anywhere so don't bother Searching it).
Here's a mockup I made in Photoshop for some inspiration 🙂
I use Font-Awesome 5 icons for 'search' and 'compass' icons. I used Poppins for the other fonts. I used www.coolors.co to generate a palette and decided to use this red/pink/maroon combo. I then applied a gradient (radial style) to make it pop out a bit more.


Here is a mockup of what the page could look like with some search results...

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