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What Are Some Annoying Things That Non-Programmer Friends/Family Ask You?


Deleted member 205

So, let's be real here. We all have those types of people who ask you if you can do [Something]. And the same applies to Programmers. So, what do people that you know, ask you just because you're a Programmer?

For me, a lot of people seem to think that I can hack, when of course, I can't. Because I don't know anything about it. People that I know of, ask if I'm gonna hack into their [Insert Videogame here] Account. I even have a Sibling who asks if I'm gonna hack into the Government(Of course, that's a risky thing to do).

So what about you? Do you constantly get asked to hack into something because you know how to program or are you asked to fix something, that you might not even know how to fix?
"Can you build the next Google or Facebook?"
"What special projects are you working on?"
'Can it be built?" "How can you build something like that?"

The list goes on and on. =D
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