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  1. A

    Python Dive into Data Structures with Online Python Compiler!

    Hey Python Enthusiasts! I hope this post finds you well on your coding journey. Today, I'm excited to share a fantastic resource for honing your skills in data structures using Python. Drumroll, please... 🥁 Introducing Our Online Python Compiler for Data Structures! Whether you're a beginner...
  2. JosiahMaybe

    Fun activity Know any good programming jokes?

    Do you know any good programming jokes? Could you write one out, maybe in a programming language? "I hear people are using "+Math.sqrt(-1)+"O now so does this count and how much does that cost?"; Am I a laymangrammer or a pro-grammar? What is an e-villain and why aren't there more?
  3. JosiahMaybe

    Fun activity Write your name in a programming system?

    Find a programming system, like Javascript with a canvas, and draw your name in a creative way. It can draw your name multiple times. Maybe post a screenshot of your programmed result. X E.
  4. nafisbd

    Python How do I prepare for a software engineering Msc(conversion) in 1 month

    Hi, I am a non computing graduate. Have basic HTML knowledge gather using freecodecamp. I am transitting from marketing industry to IT (programming) industry. I have enrolled in a masters in UK which will start in just one month. But I am not sure If i will be able to fully concentrate or spend...
  5. M

    About engineers hiring

    Hello! If I want to get fast results on the project? What would be more efficient - get only senior engineers or consider those who are less senior but result-focused. Why?
  6. Veronica

    JavaScript Want more resource

    We can use binary search to find the target element in an array. First, we need to sort the array in ascending order. Then, we can use binary search to find the target element in the sorted array. The time complexity of this approach is O(nlogn), where n is the number of elements in the Array...
  7. P

    Python Expression expected ; Statement expected

    So hey guys I am totally new to coding and I tried to make a programm that would show me my recipe for my pancakes etc. if I type a certain number from 1 to 3 in there. But it came with a couple problems I dont know how to solve since this is my first time. the first is at print(for) and the...
  8. Abilesh

    Designing my application

    The problem that I am facing now is how to design & structure my project. Here is brief explanation of the roles of my application. It executes a child process and controls them using ptrace. Thus I would be doing things like peeking, poking of the child process's address space. I would also be...
  9. chadcode

    HTML & CSS Where should I start to learn Web development?

    I believe that in order for you to learn something effectively, you have to make a plan. Many people are confused about where to start in order to become a web developer. Therefore, I decided to share with you some of the videos that guided me and helped me to learn html and css. First video...
  10. T

    Python How can I write a program in Python that presses "a" and "d"?

    Hi there, I've been trying for a long time today to write a program in python which presses the "a" key for 20 seconds, then pauses for 2 seconds and then presses the "d" key for 20 seconds and this should repeat infinitily. But I couldn't do that. If someone could help me, that would be very...
  11. B

    Feeling lost with programming skills

    Hey there, For months on end now I've been trying to get back into programming. I've toyed with my favorite languages, scoured the web for interesting projects to contribute to or start, and...nothing. I feel pretty lost with my programming skills and the fun just isn't there anymore. Really...
  12. diyar

    coding/programming survey

    Hey! I have to take a survey for a school project. can someone who has a job in coding/programming fill in the survey? If you want, you can also send the survey to others. it would help me so much. thank you very much! https://forms.gle/cJrjMgGdwuTwkECq9
  13. C

    C++ Keyword "looker"?

    This might seem like a weird question, and I don't even know if I am reaching out through the right medium but Reddit always seems to be the way (this is the way). I want to preface this by saying that I have extremely little to no experience with coding. I have an idea that I think could...
  14. M

    My Advice To Newer Programmers

    (Note: There is a formatting error in this for some reason that won't go away. Please, just ignore it). I'm writing this as a guide for newer programmers, who may not have a clue on what to do or learn next. Of course, it can also apply to people who've been programming for sometime now. But...
  15. D

    What Are Some Annoying Things That Non-Programmer Friends/Family Ask You?

    So, let's be real here. We all have those types of people who ask you if you can do [Something]. And the same applies to Programmers. So, what do people that you know, ask you just because you're a Programmer? For me, a lot of people seem to think that I can hack, when of course, I can't...
  16. D

    Programming-Language Resources

    Hey there. This Thread serves as a Resource-List for getting Resources and Learning-Materials for any Programming-Language. That includes C++, Ruby, Python, PHP, Java and plenty of other Languages. Here is what you can Submit: Books Websites Learning-Sites PDF Files/Links Please Note: When...
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