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What Version Of Windows Are You Using?

Yeah exactly, because remember Windows 10 can run on multiple different devices including surfaces, phones etc.

I believe they should just keep them separate. Have a team work on different platforms to ensure functionality.
This. Unfortunately, as with Google, Microsoft also suffers from inconsistency across its platforms, software and services. Although, I'd have to say that they suffer the worst from it, considering the fact that Windows 10 still contains parts of the user-interface that stems all the way back to the Windows 3.X era. Although, while UI can definitely be hard to develop - Especially when you're trying to develop that UI for more than one platform - Microsoft definitely has no excuses for a bad UI. They are a professional company and as a result, we expect them to have professional UI/UX programmers.

Although, with the introduction of "Fluent Design" back in around 2016/17, we are starting to see some kind of consistency across Microsoft's Windows software. Albeit, for the built-in programs and not other products like Office or Skype. Not only that, they still have Control Panel, Windows Maths, Internet Explorer, and tons of other old programs that ruin and bloat the experience. Microsoft has relied far too heavily on these old programs, but that's understandable.

I watched a video by Tom Scott(An amazing YouTuber) earlier, who went over why you can't name your files on Windows things like "CON". Eventually, he began rambling on about backwards-compatibility and that is what Microsoft is trying to do. Which probably explains why we still have old programs like Internet Explorer. But again, it ruins the experience and users will simply have to suck it up if they lose access to those outdated programs.
I have Win10 on a dualboot for the odd game I play that doesnt work in Linux. I actually have no idea what specific version number it is as I've not used it in a while.
I'm on my laptop and it uses Windows 8. My hubby has a laptop as well and I'm pretty sure it uses Windows 10 since it's much newer than mine is. But mine still does everything that I need it to do I'm fine with it.
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