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What Web-Host Do You Use?


Active Coder
Hey there.

Recently, I've had an idea for a forum-site that I might start in the future. But, before I do any of that, what web-hosts do you guys use and what plan are you on with them?

I'm just curious as this might give me an idea as to what web-host I could use for this forum.



Active Coder
Depends on the expected size, whether you take a server or not.

I use Netcup for everything.
As I said, it's only for a forum that I have an idea for.

Netcup seems interesting, so I might look into using their services. Thanks for the suggestion.

I generally just use Digital Ocean and have done for as long as I can remember now.
I've heard of Digital Ocean but I haven't looked into them either, so I'll do a bit of research for them too.

I'd use DO for most things but if I needed something more then I'd probably head towards AWS.
I would use AWS, but unfortunately, it's made by Amazon, and I certainly do not want one company having reign over my website or the rest of the Internet for that matter.


Active Coder
It's all about whether you expect 10 users or 10000, so I would choose a web server or a VPS.
I am very satisfied with the performance of Netcup. Also the support is very fast and friendly.
I don't expect too many to come, as I intend for it to be a place for discussion surrounding security, privacy, and investigating potential malware. In other words: a cyber-security forum. Yeah, there's Reddit but that place has became a wreck now with their constant censorship and continuously increasing data-collection on it's users.

So, perhaps around 200 - 700+ users, maybe less, maybe more. Again, Netcup seems to be an interesting choice, so I'll look into them.


Staff Team
I perfect to use DigitalOcean as my server hosting. Recently have switched to IPS's in house cloud hosting. <3


New Coder
I've got websites hosted by two different hosts. One of the hosts is USHost247, and the other host is Web Hosting Canada.


Active Coder
I'm currently using two different hosts as well like Cam!. At the moment, my forum and portfolio is hosted with USHost247. And my other WordPress project which I'm working on for my dad is hosted with InterServer


New Coder

hi Mathematical

Ive been using the free hosting service from https://infinityfree.net for a few years now and its great for testing stuff, its not slow by any measure but its not the fastest either

they offer no forced advertising, php, mysql, unlimited storage and bandwidth, ftp access, cPanel, a whole heap of installable scripts including forums. it might be worth a test drive ? and its free :)