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  1. EkBass

    Form hosting

    Hi folks. Yes, i could code this myself but due certain factors i rathery do this via some service. I need to host couple of forms. SSL and some easy login system to control who can fill up the form. Mobile friendly front-end and customizable forms. I need results ratherly in xls or odf...
  2. JosiahMaybe

    Really like unlimited host (not one server only) maybe

    https://certahosting.co.uk/unlimited-web-hosting-uk/ That may be like best choice I found so far. It tracks visitors. If not for that, buy. hostfast.com That may be an email thing with unlimited storage and email per time so I do not need email included. asurahosting.com/hosting I was going to...
  3. JosiahMaybe

    Does anyone know how to have unlimited software product delivery on a hosted thing?

    Okay, so I can make payments and everything up to that including custom country check in client side Javascript. What I need is some way to from that, deliver a software product and like no over emails per hour limit. Would VPS or owning like my own server even work for that? I prefer a hosting...
  4. JosiahMaybe

    PHP How can I avoid lack of sending of purchases in PHP with email (mail(...))?

    Okay, so I can have unlimited email addresses, unlimited storage per each, and a set number of sends per hour per each. How do I make something that tests if an email was actually sent? I would be using in PHP that function called "mail" and sending a file along with it. I know how to send said...
  5. A

    Node.JS Upload to hosting app node.js

    Hello, Let's see if they can help me. I get the following error when I access my app on my hosting. I think it's something about circular redundancy but I can't find it. I also attach project schematic.
  6. Y

    Why my new website domain sometimes directed me to the old webpage

    I have a website that was hosted in n*agahoster, which already expired (with active status) since our company didn't want to use the domain example.com and instead change the hosting place to a government's server which resulting to a new domain example.gov.xx The procedure was not hard, since...
  7. Mutiny

    Best free control panel for LAMP stack server?

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a good, free control panel for a LAMP stack server? Years ago I would use CPanel and DirectAdmin, but these cost just as much a month now if not more than hosting would on a VPS. I've played around with Webmin / Virtualmin and it seems to get the job done...
  8. Pien

    What do you recommend to connect to your website storage space?

    Hello! I am terribly, painfully new to website-building, but I'm learning. I know the basics of HTML and CSS, now I want to start building my website. But I am doubting what is the best way to connect to my storage space (I am hosted at OVH) - the OVH FTP Explorer or Filezilla. Anyone has some...
  9. M

    What Web-Host Do You Use?

    Hey there. Recently, I've had an idea for a forum-site that I might start in the future. But, before I do any of that, what web-hosts do you guys use and what plan are you on with them? I'm just curious as this might give me an idea as to what web-host I could use for this forum. Thanks.
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