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Which OS do u like best?

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Windows 10 Pro, Ubuntu and MacOS. Chrome OS is starting to climb the ladder.
I like Ubuntu Linux. You can do some pretty advanced configuring on it and it is open source. I like Windows for amount of packages but prefer Ubuntu Linux. I got Ubuntu Pro with current Ubuntu LTS (22.04.3) and have two things to say about it, could use more packages and has some advanced options. I do have two Windows 10 computers. It took some time for me to figure scrolling on this Ubuntu thing, but other than that smooth sailing. I had a choice of 3 Linux security programs total so yeah, definitely few packages. X E.
I'm a GNU/Linux user. I've tried several distros. Currently on Mint. For work, I use Rocky Linux mostly. I originally used DOS when I had my first computer and when the trend to switch to Windows came, I resisted fiercely. I kept on using DOS for several more years until I felt comfortable enough with Linux to make it my primary OS.

I'm not going to say GNU is all wonderful all the time, but I find it to be the best available option nowadays. I personally would've liked it if some old OS of the type of DOS, but free software, that allowed you to do a lot of assembly, direct access to hardware, etc., had evolved through the years to become more powerful, but not more restricitve. That would've been my ideal OS.

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