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  1. N

    C# How can I learn ASP .NET for web design

    Hi everyone, My goal is to learn the C# language for web design. A friend of mine, who has been a programmer for many years, said I should learn the following in order: Front: 1- HTML and CSS 2- Bootstrap 3- JavaScript 4- JQuery Back: 1- C# 2- Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Approach 3- ASP...
  2. C

    C# Couldn’t get equations in html when convert word .docx file to html file in C#.

    I have .net C# application in which I am extracting data from word file and save it in database particularly. To store word all data as it is I am converting the whole word file firstly in HTML and then checking html paragraph one by one. At the time of converting from word file to html my...
  3. J

    C# How to use the Border.BackgroundSizing and Border.BackgroundTransition properties in C#

    Hi all, I'm working on a lab to get background sizing and transition accomplished on a couple of rectangle objects using C# to get it done. It seems to be working to some extent, but I haven't figured out how to get the duration settings to work with the property. Here's what I have so far in...
  4. J

    C# How to use multiple auxiliary xaml files in Xaml for Win UI 3

    I'm trying to get multiple Xaml files to work with my application to get my app code organized. I've tried multiple would-be solutions to no avail. I've tried a couple of XamlReader solutions I couldn't get working. Here are some of the things I've tried: Simple Xaml code: <Grid...
  5. U

    C# Creating A Maze With A Console Application in C#.

    I've been learning about maze Algorithms and have started developing my own. I am still at the very beginning of my maze development. Currently I have three cells stacked on top of each other using these strings down below. What I am aiming for is to have three columns and three rows of cells...
  6. accol

    C# Can't figure out why DataGridView isn't showing all the records inside table from SQL Server database on _Load()

    We are making a form where a user can log in and in turn upload listings for cars to sell, however, the data grid view for the listings isn't showing every entry even though it is in the database when it is being first loaded. I also notice too that updating the data grid view and refreshing it...
  7. Alexander01

    C# Path finding in 2d dimension

    I have developed a top down multiplayer browser shooter. Players play against each other. The best players are displayed on the leaderboard. I want to implement bots so that players can play the game even if there no other real players in the room. I am interested retested in navigation aspects...
  8. EkBass

    Chat about coding with OpenAI

    So, finally i decided to test this thing i have heard of about. After having fun with it last evening, i wanted to see what it can do. Now first i asked it to create something with JS, like build a bouncing balls to canvas etc. I did help it a lot. It really can do magic stuff, but like human it...
  9. sidepie101

    C# How can I add objects to a list of variable size from user input

    I am a newbie on C# and I am trying to make a program to handle orders from customers. I created my object and added a method to read the user input but I am still struggling with creating a list where user can add products by putting in their properties ( name, code and price). Here is what I...
  10. UniTheVerse

    C# Im having a issue with some of my coding C#

    using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.ComponentModel; using System.Data; using System.Drawing; using System.IO; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Threading.Tasks; using System.Windows.Forms; using WeAreDevs_API; namespace UH { public partial class...
  11. UniTheVerse

    C# Im having a error cs1513 and cant fix it heres the code that is annoyinh me

    private void fastColoredTextBox_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { } this bracet is the one giving the error btw
  12. ProgrammablePhysics

    C# Simple Snake Game - Snake Head is not moving after ReadKey()

    The snake head ```0``` does not move anywhere when ```Console.ReadKey()``` happens. Here is the full code: ``` using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Threading.Tasks; namespace SimpleSnakeGame_ConsoleApp { internal class...
  13. ProgrammablePhysics

    C# How to know if 2 ASCII created lines in a command prompt has the same length?

    Is there a way to know if these 2 lines have the same size in pixels aka length? What code should I use to determine if they have the same length or not? Just because these perpendicular lines created with ASCII, they differ in length size according to whether they were put next to one another...
  14. L

    C# GameObject[] error

    Hi, I'm a beginner and recently this error popped up on me, do you know how to fix it? PS: I wanted to program a motion animation (according to the tutorial). Error name: GameObject[] does not contain a definition for GetComponent and no available GetComponent extension method was found that...
  15. Donler

    C# How to compare two Sharepoint Lists and add Item from one list into the other one?

    https://stackoverflow.com/questions/72962230/how-to-compare-two-sharepoint-lists-and-add-item-from-one-list-into-the-other-on?noredirect=1#comment128892889_72962230 Please I really need help🙏 LG Donler
  16. D

    C# Reading paints to flowLayoutPanel using C# Sockets from server side

    I am trying to make an live paint program, what means that the server side will draw something and the client side will get it. I worked very hard on it for two weeks, and I was only able to make a server side that sends the drawings. I do not know how I can get them from a client side and...
  17. EkBass

    C# wmp.dll -> WMPPlayState.wmppsPlaying

    Hi. Code below worked just fine like a few hours ago (song changed after previous one had stopped), but now it allways returns true. Im working with VS 2019 and it has now started to return warning if (wmp.playState != WMPPlayState.wmppsPlaying) I have worked with keyboard inputs and not even...
  18. EkBass

    Hi everyone.

    Im a newold hobby programmer. Got first kicks from code lines back at 80's at microcomputer era. After that, more or less programmed all kind of stuff. Mostly complately useless things, but casonly something usefull too. Due boring work, got degree for software developement back at 2014 but...
  19. K

    C# Unable to draw Primitives on Texture in SharpDX

    I have a little problem with rendering in my SharpDX Direct11 App. I had being tested rendering scene on a texture, and then draw this texture on backBuffer... but unfortunately renderTexture do not contains primitives which should be drawn. Texture is only filled by color. Whole project on...
  20. N

    C# Simple app

    Hello, I have the following problem: "Create an app that filter rooms and pick the ones that fit the required number of participants. As a result, the app should return the list of available slots for each of the rooms. Constraints: a slot start at every 15th ( 0, 15, 30, 45). Example: room...
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