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  1. D

    Disable hardware acceleration for Google Chrome - Website Video Background Issues

    I recently noticed that my website which uses a full screen video background with both (.mp4 and .webm) video formats is flashing a green screen when the user clicks away from the homepage on Google Chrome browser only. (Everything works perfectly on Mozilla Firefox and IE edge) So, If the...
  2. mariag

    HTML & CSS How to convert this boot strap drop down menu to mega menu

    /* Template default CSS html, body { height: 100%; font-family: "Montserrat", sans-serif; -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; } h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 { margin: 0; color: #111111; font-weight: 400; font-family: "Montserrat", sans-serif; } h1 { font-size: 70px...
  3. mariag

    hello everyone

    I am a noob at programming but i try some css and php for making my sites. Sometimes I get stuck bad and need help at coding, I googled and this site came up and seemed like a friendly community so decided to join. looking forward to learning more from you all Thank You Maria
  4. C

    HTML & CSS Overflow-y:Scroll working but not displaying the bar

    I've got an issue by where I have a tray that pops up on my site and an image is loaded. The image s too large to be displayed on the screen so you have to scroll to the bottom. For some reason the scroll does work but the bar isn't showing. Has any one else had this issue before...
  5. shaked shechner

    The footer goes up because of pictures

    We have this we page :(https://rolostack.co.il/%D7%A2%D7%9E%D7%95%D7%93%D7%99-%D7%A0%D7%97%D7%99%D7%AA%D7%94/). You can see that the footer goes up because of the long pictures. Is there a way to fix it? We tried `position:fixed` , but then the footer gets sticky. we want it to be like that...
  6. mrsthing

    HTML & CSS Problem aligning text next to image. CSS

    This is the link to my code 2 I had to put an orange as an image because the actual image was in my file. This is what I am trying to do: Align the text to the right like this 1. Also, how would I control the spacing in between ‘How it works’ and ‘Testimonials’, I wanted them to be closer...
  7. G

    HTML & CSS "Vimeo as Host for my Websites Loading Screen" Lag...!

    Hey! So on my website a have a video as a loading screen (a sort of "pre-enter site thing"). Vimeo is the host of that video. The problem that I am getting is when you press play, when it prepares to load the video, you will see a frame of the video, a frame maybe 6 seconds into the video, and...
  8. LenniCodes

    HTML & CSS Auto position div under another

    Hi! Ive got a problem... i have got two divs.. i want the second div to go under the first when the page becomes smaller. So they wont overlap... Anyone any ideas how to place a div automaticly under the other one?
  9. barryc

    HTML & CSS slanted menu

    Hi i am looking to build a menu like the one in the image that is also responsive, i was wondering what the best way to go about it would be, such as a using a framework, or possible css grid/flexbox
  10. Papa Smurf

    2 Column CSS Layout 1.0

    This is a basic 2 column layout, written with basic css. Feel free to use this at no charge.
  11. website


    Trying out new techniques for my website
  12. CrimsonKing

    Tutorial How to make A simple audio player in HTML, JavaScript, CSS.

    Today I am going to teach you how to make A simple Audio Player in HTML 5, JavaScript, and CSS. To follow this tutorial be sure to download notepad++ being as it is mostly used in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Let's begin to start this we will need 3 important files to make 1. HTML (player.html)...
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