1. Mathematical

    Security Discussion Thread

    Hey there. A few weeks ago, I had set-up a thread in where you can discuss privacy and what you can do to protect it with others. I just got the idea to create the same thread, but for security this time. In this thread, I encourage all of you to discuss everything related to security. Whether...
  2. Mathematical

    Privacy Discussion Thread

    Hey there. A while ago, there was a thread circulating this board that was all about digital-privacy. It was mainly just a debate and argument sort of thread in my opinion though, but I feel like creating a thread that we can all discuss the issues of privacy in a civil manner, would be great...
  3. D

    A WebWare-Talk

    Hey there everyone. So, now that I'm back from my holiday, it means that I can get back to Developing the WebWareBox Project. Although, I figured that I'd make this Post so that we can talk about WebWareBox, it's Development, Contributing to it and some other stuff. So first of, let me begin...