1. N

    All my login Data with passwords is on my fellow Students Macbook. Help.

    So basically all my login Data including Passwords from Google Chrome are now saved on my fellow Students Macbook. I have a Macbook as well. We obviously use the same University Wifi (with VPN) but I was never on his Notebook and he was not on mine. We worked on a Google Doc together for a Film...
  2. O

    Python HELP! Collision detector - TURTLE

    Hello y'all! I'm new here, so I hope my question will be clear enough! I'm trying to create a Breakout game using Python n Turtle. I created my lists of blocks and my main block to .clone() but wenn the ball reaches the top of the game, where the blocks are, it only erases the first block...
  3. MacaroniChez

    Python I'm trying to add a square root feature to a calculator I made, but I keep getting errors.

    In python, I made a very decent calculator that has addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Today, I decided that I'm gonna expand on it and add square roots. The first thing I did was Google for how to use square roots on python. It told me that I have to import in math. After...
  4. Stewpid

    PHP Forum Code I Need Help

    Yo I am new to PHP and I hate to pull a code-kitty but does anyone have the code for a basic working forum?
  5. NamdioWasTaken

    C# C# - Operator can't be applied

    I have a problem with my C# code where it gives me an error that says "Can't apply operator to data type string and char". I have tried fix this with converting the string to a char but i still get an error. Here is the code: if(guess == word[counter1]) { found = true; } (All variables are...
  6. lilforceghost

    HTML & CSS HTML Coding Help: Photos in coding

    Hello! I'm fairly okay with coding but I am not a master by any means. I have a template I've been working on and I would like to be able to post a photo next to it.It's a text bubble and I cannot seem to code in a photo next to the text bubble as if it's the profile pic. I won't go into...
  7. C

    C# Need Help for My Jump Script

    So I've just started coding, and obviously I did some things wrong. I wanted to make a jump script in which jumpDelay turns FALSE when the button is pressed, and TRUE when the player hits the ground. The problem is that "Cannot implicitly convert type 'bool' to 'PlayerCollision'. " I do not...
  8. CrimsonKing

    Node.JS Recreating My Arcade Bot In JavaScript And Would Like Some Assistance In It's Development.

    Hello I am currently recreating my arcade bot that was in C# into node.js, and i'd like some help with it. I recently posted on it's C# thread that i'd like help with its main features including the database. If you have any experience with databases and node.js, and would like to help me out...
  9. Malcolm

    C++ What would be an easy program to build with C++?

    Hi guys, I'm currently learning C++ and I'm kinda wondering what I should build to practice my C++. I know it shouldn't be too complex or I'll never finish it but I'm not sure what to build, I was thinking of a calculator or even a notepad but would that be too much? Any ideas?