1. Noob

    C How to write a program to find compound interest without using the pow function (in C)?

    Here's my code so far: #include <stdio.h> int main() { float principle, rate, time, CI; scanf("%f", &principle); scan("%f", &time) scanf("%f", &rate); CI = principle * ((1 + rate / 100) * (1 + rate / 100) * (1 + rate / 100)); printf("%.2f\n", CI)...
  2. L0L2G00D

    How do you make a welcoming post on your profile?

    This is a suggestion because you should leave this question here because surely I'm not the only one who doesn't know how to make a welcoming post.
  3. Premium__Zocker

    Lua Need help learning lua for example to fix lua error's on my gmod server

    Hello everybody. Im new to coding in general and i started to learn lua by watching CODE BLUE's tutorials on youtube. But i could need help from someone that has time and wants to help me with this. Just lua in generall but i have also an example lua error that i cannot fix bc i just dont know...
  4. C

    JavaScript How to alternate values from two variables?

    var 1 = 12345 var 2 = 67890 wanted output: 1627384950
  5. D

    With which languages should I be able to code, so I can code anything.

    If I wrote something that does not make any sence in the title, I want to apologize, I do not know much about coding and stuff like that, even though I have been dealing with this for years, and sorry for my bad english.
  6. J

    Python Need help for quartile code Basically i need the code to find the second quartile (Q2) with the information of the position of that quartile (PQ2) and the 5 numbers that make up the list. I'm still nerw to coding, I'd really appreciate...
  7. J

    Python Need help for code that finds quartiles Basically i need the code to find the second quartile (Q2) with the information of the position of that quartile (PQ2) and the 5 numbers that make up the list. I'm still nerw to coding, I'd really appreciate...
  8. Stefan7kk

    HTML & CSS How to move description below image?

    How to move description below image?
  9. JackReeve

    Java Help for my son.

    I apologise if this is in the wrong section, but I have an autistic son that’s trying to learn coding for his favourite game, minecraft. He’s tried learning Java but finds it stressful and annoying the way it is. However I remember him being quite good at scratch as he was able to make bits of...
  10. P

    Tech Start-Up

    Looking for outside the box, grand thinkers, who constantly question the boundaries of life and society, looking ideally for someone proficient in C/C++ and/or HTML BUT completely open to interviewing any applicant who has a passion for solving problems. If you’re interested in a quick...
  11. C

    Node.JS Leaderboard discord command

    Im new to coding and have no idea what im doing, if someone could help me make a discord leaderboard command, i would be very grateful, i searched for solutions and copied tutorials, however it didnt seem to work, im trying to make a leaderboard from a json file (example: lets say this is server...
  12. T

    Python Need help with project, Simple stuff just explain what's wrong to me

    Hi im learning python and I dont understand what is wrong with my code here: and
  13. JamesPy

    Python Need Help/Opinions

    Hey guys! I'm making a virtual assistant using python (and probably JS for UI when I can be bothered to). I've got alot of it made already, 4 different version to be exact, and I am planning on open sourcing it soon. Before I do this I have a checklist of what needs to be done before I open...
  14. Zyphon_22

    Python Running a python file inside a python file (ANSWERED)

    Hi for a project im working on i was wondering is there anyway you could run a python file inside a python file say for instance choice = input(">") if choice == "run" # run a external python file if anyone can tell me a way to run a python file inside one that would be helpful Thanks
  15. N

    All my login Data with passwords is on my fellow Students Macbook. Help.

    So basically all my login Data including Passwords from Google Chrome are now saved on my fellow Students Macbook. I have a Macbook as well. We obviously use the same University Wifi (with VPN) but I was never on his Notebook and he was not on mine. We worked on a Google Doc together for a Film...
  16. O

    Python HELP! Collision detector - TURTLE

    Hello y'all! I'm new here, so I hope my question will be clear enough! I'm trying to create a Breakout game using Python n Turtle. I created my lists of blocks and my main block to .clone() but wenn the ball reaches the top of the game, where the blocks are, it only erases the first block...
  17. MacaroniChez

    Python I'm trying to add a square root feature to a calculator I made, but I keep getting errors.

    In python, I made a very decent calculator that has addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Today, I decided that I'm gonna expand on it and add square roots. The first thing I did was Google for how to use square roots on python. It told me that I have to import in math. After...
  18. Stewpid

    PHP Forum Code I Need Help

    Yo I am new to PHP and I hate to pull a code-kitty but does anyone have the code for a basic working forum?
  19. D

    C# C# - Operator can't be applied

    I have a problem with my C# code where it gives me an error that says "Can't apply operator to data type string and char". I have tried fix this with converting the string to a char but i still get an error. Here is the code: if(guess == word[counter1]) { found = true; } (All variables are...
  20. lilforceghost

    HTML & CSS HTML Coding Help: Photos in coding

    Hello! I'm fairly okay with coding but I am not a master by any means. I have a template I've been working on and I would like to be able to post a photo next to it.It's a text bubble and I cannot seem to code in a photo next to the text bubble as if it's the profile pic. I won't go into...
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