html and css

  1. Johna

    How can I create desktop applications from html

    I've made an app in Html CSS and JavaScript (I know it's not the best language for making apps but I only know these). I'm made it for android using WebView. I also want to make this app run on windows. Is there a free way to do that? I don't want to use nwjs or electron, because the whole app...
  2. Giscoding

    PHP Does anyone knows how to sort this out?

    Hi, I am having an issue with my site and it is driving me crazy for weeks now. My problem is simple yet I cannot find how to fix it. The issue is: In my Menu, all pages are set but when I click on the "Profile" page, it loads the "Home" page. What I have tried so far: -create a new menu and...
  3. Johna

    How to make a Chrome Extension save data

    Hi everyone, I made a chrome extension, and it has a dark mode option. I want the extension to remember the last mode it was on, so if it was previously on dark mode, when you close and open the extension it should stay on dark mode. Is there a way to do this? Btw if you need to know, the code...
  4. Johna

    Can I make android apps with Html, CSS, and JavaScript?

    Hi everyone, I want to make an android app with only or mostly Html, CSS and JavaScript coding. Is there a free way to do that without needing Android Studio or Android SDK installed, because I don't have space on my computer for that, and my pc isn't good enough to run Android Studio. Thanks : )
  5. Swìlam

    HTML & CSS Mobile navbar menu

    im learning hmtl/css and need a menu for my navbar (mobile version ). I watched some java script videos and tried to do same but sadly it dosent work. The menu dosent get hide nothing work tbh. I will be glad if u can advive me or show me a simple way to make one ( my js knowledge is basic )...
  6. C

    HTML & CSS Help with Form styling of svg in the value ’ ’

    In this successfully working Search Box Form the svg appears successfully where it is, but I also need it to appear in value= ’ ’ <input type='search' placeholder='Search Location...' name='search_sub' class='searchbox-input' onkeyup='buttonUp();' required> <input type='submit'...
  7. R

    HTML & CSS Horizontal Scrolling issues

    Hello, On my site I am developing, I am having a problem with when I open the page in Safari all my images are being squished. Chrome they work great. Also not sure why when I resize on any browser, the images get squished. Also, my intention was to make the images on the homepage links...
  8. catycat

    HTML & CSS Displaying text on mouse hovering over image

    I am trying to display a little copyright text on top of an image when the user hovers his mouse over it, using [this]( example. What am I missing that I do not see the text, only the fading effect? <div...
  9. coding_fromzero

    HTML & CSS Trouble modifying an id for an image in a div element

    Hello everybody 😊 I'm super green when it comes to coding. I've only been working on it for around 3 weeks. I'm working through freeCodeCamp and I am doing one of the assignments where I have to add the id "img-div" to a div element, but when I try to modify it in CSS through VS Code, I get an...
  10. Nati

    HTML & CSS Help! CSS wavy highligth effect?

    Hello! I am new to this forum, thanks in advance for the help. Is it possible to achieve this effect using HTML and CSS? I want to apply it in scroll to the headers of my website in Worpress.
  11. C

    HTML & CSS What should I do to add this to my html theme?

    Hello everyone, I'm a university student and just started learning coding. I'm trying to build a site and I found a ready made html theme, I need to add social media icons for my site so I want to add the icons from this site to my site. what should I...
  12. R

    HTML & CSS Help! Trying to Center these two cards

    Im trying to center the two cards below my h2 header. no matter what i do i cant center them. heres my code: <div class="comp-header text-center"> <h2>Before you go....</h2> </div> <div class="widget-container"> <div class="inner_cards"> <div class="cards_wrap">...
  13. B

    HTML & CSS Create Responsive div on an Image using css

    I have an image slide show with a div ,some text in the div and a button. I need the div and the button to resize and responsive on small scale. My code doesn’t work. Below is my code div class="slideshow-container"> <div class="mySlides fade"> <div class="numbertext">1 / 3</div>...
  14. laEdu

    HTML Multiselect dropdown Java Script not working at when Add Multiple Fields.

    I have problem with setting up multiselect dropdown menu.. HTML Multiselect dropdown Java Script not working at when Add Multiple Fields. This is my fill script link - <> <link href=""...
  15. S

    HTML & CSS Bootstrap grid issue

    Hello guys, I am kinda new in front-end, and I faced with issue when developing my very first website. So I have the website in psd format with bootstrap grid, and I can't position the elements correctly in the container. I need them to be like this, however image always drops to below on the...
  16. T

    HTML & CSS HTML form codes

    Hello, I have already a complete form but whem I click SUBMIT nothing happen. I know this is a basic question but, what is missing ? This is the form I created: <!-- appointments --> <div id="appointments" class="appointment-main-block appointment-two-main-block"> <div...