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  1. R

    HTML & CSS Horizontal Scrolling issues

    Hello, On my site I am developing, I am having a problem with when I open the page in Safari all my images are being squished. Chrome they work great. Also not sure why when I resize on any browser, the images get squished. Also, my intention was to make the images on the homepage links...
  2. catycat

    HTML & CSS Displaying text on mouse hovering over image

    I am trying to display a little copyright text on top of an image when the user hovers his mouse over it, using [this]( example. What am I missing that I do not see the text, only the fading effect? <div...
  3. coding_fromzero

    HTML & CSS Trouble modifying an id for an image in a div element

    Hello everybody 😊 I'm super green when it comes to coding. I've only been working on it for around 3 weeks. I'm working through freeCodeCamp and I am doing one of the assignments where I have to add the id "img-div" to a div element, but when I try to modify it in CSS through VS Code, I get an...
  4. Nati

    HTML & CSS Help! CSS wavy highligth effect?

    Hello! I am new to this forum, thanks in advance for the help. Is it possible to achieve this effect using HTML and CSS? I want to apply it in scroll to the headers of my website in Worpress.
  5. C

    HTML & CSS What should I do to add this to my html theme?

    Hello everyone, I'm a university student and just started learning coding. I'm trying to build a site and I found a ready made html theme, I need to add social media icons for my site so I want to add the icons from this site to my site. what should I...
  6. R

    HTML & CSS Help! Trying to Center these two cards

    Im trying to center the two cards below my h2 header. no matter what i do i cant center them. heres my code: <div class="comp-header text-center"> <h2>Before you go....</h2> </div> <div class="widget-container"> <div class="inner_cards"> <div class="cards_wrap">...
  7. B

    HTML & CSS Create Responsive div on an Image using css

    I have an image slide show with a div ,some text in the div and a button. I need the div and the button to resize and responsive on small scale. My code doesn’t work. Below is my code div class="slideshow-container"> <div class="mySlides fade"> <div class="numbertext">1 / 3</div>...
  8. laEdu

    HTML Multiselect dropdown Java Script not working at when Add Multiple Fields.

    I have problem with setting up multiselect dropdown menu.. HTML Multiselect dropdown Java Script not working at when Add Multiple Fields. This is my fill script link - <> <link href=""...
  9. S

    HTML & CSS Bootstrap grid issue

    Hello guys, I am kinda new in front-end, and I faced with issue when developing my very first website. So I have the website in psd format with bootstrap grid, and I can't position the elements correctly in the container. I need them to be like this, however image always drops to below on the...
  10. T

    HTML & CSS HTML form codes

    Hello, I have already a complete form but whem I click SUBMIT nothing happen. I know this is a basic question but, what is missing ? This is the form I created: <!-- appointments --> <div id="appointments" class="appointment-main-block appointment-two-main-block"> <div...
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