1. Johna

    JavaScript How can I add a timeout in between functions?

    <button id="button">Click me!</button> $("#button").click(function() { console.log("clicked"); }) The button can be clicked any number of times, but I want the JavaScript function to only run at most once per second. So if the button was clicked twice in a second, the function will only run...
  2. T

    HTML & CSS Text does not display correctly with my css code, it should show background under text

    Using the h1, h2, and h3 with the following info in css (a,b and c) (titlte1, title2 and title3). I am not sure if I have done it correct in css, need help to find out what I an doing wrong html { font-family: sans-serif; line-height: 1.15; -webkit-text-size-adjust: 100%...
  3. S

    HTML & CSS divs are not in the same height column wise

    Please check attached html and css files.The 3 divs are not arranged at the same height from top.what is changes required in my csss to bring the 3 column/divs at the same height?
  4. C

    JavaScript Calculation with dates doesn't work

    Dear experts I'm not really used to javascript, and I maybe have a silly problem. In my script I want to calculate the date of today minus a earlier day and need the numbers of day. Javascript is calculating in milliseconds, right? I get a number of days but they are really wrong. Do I have...
  5. F

    HTML & CSS How do I store sign up information into an SQL database

    I've got the html and CSS code for a sign up and login system on a website but I don't know how to then store the information inputted into an SQL database and then retrieve that data when a user wants to login again. This is the HTML: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Sign Up | By...
  6. E

    JavaScript JavaScript Bookmarklet bug?

    Alright so when I add a id tag to a html element <div id = 'test'>hi<div> [CODE/] and use [CODE] document.querySelector("#hi").style.backgroundColor = "green"; [CODE/], it works. However, the second I use [CODE] = 'hi'; [CODE/] in [CODE] const mainWindow =...
  7. D

    HTML & CSS What tools should I use for color matching?

    What tools should I use for color matching? I got a task: pdf file. I took the program with a "pipette". Got the color code. I paste it into HTML. Result: the colors in the task and the HTML page do not match. How to choose a color?
  8. M

    HTML & CSS How do I make a component like this?

    I use React JS and scss I need to make a component like this This is a component of the message We need to make one like on the photo, the component can come with a different number of images and with different sizes
  9. D

    HTML & CSS How To Nest Embedded Video and Audio In DIV?

    I'm trying to figure out how to nest embedded YouTube Video and Audio in DIV so I can enter caption beneath them. See - Test page I have tried moving captions around, surrounding Audio and Video players with DIVs in different ways so that caption is contained below players, but nothing works...
  10. Techtrek

    HTML & CSS How to link CSS to HTML

    help in linking css to html
  11. kawasaki93

    HTML & CSS how to save my work planing. when i refresh website i lose

    hello, how could I save the current state of the colors of the squares that change when i "double click", and same with the data of the forms, so that they remain saved until I did a "reset" and everything returned to the way it currently looks.Its a sunbed beach app and every box means 2...
  12. kawasaki93

    HTML & CSS need help creating app

    hello, im trying to create a sunbed app for a project but having some problems and questions. I have to create this one; can i "clone" the exact number of squares i need. 2.web margins to see it same in a mobile or tablet.(when i log in with my mobile i see 10...
  13. B

    Help creating new Divs with XML

    Hi, I'm trying to create a website that has a homepage that will initially be set up to read an XML file which is a list of the articles that should be displayed, and for every article in the list it will create a set of divs to display the content. I previously have no experience using XML...
  14. R

    JavaScript How to display results using localStorage

    Thanks for viewing the question. I made a program in where a user registers, then if the user leaves an item blank, the whole registration items becomes blank (the user has to restart the whole thing). Otherwise, if the user clicks submit and has every item answered, he will be directed to an...
  15. S

    JavaScript How to create simmilar buttons on js ?

    Hello ! Now I'm trying to create similar functionality in js. How to create simmilar buttons on js ? Here's the original thread as also a code, and code on codepen Kind...
  16. P

    HTML & CSS Linking from one HTML project to another HTML project

    Hello, I'm currently stuck as I'm trying to make a personal page with links to all of my other projects. The problem is that the project I'm trying to link to is not a part of the personal website itself. I'm sorry for my bad explanation in advance :laugh: I have a folder (personal page)...
  17. Hugonaut

    HTML Clickable Phone link in Yaml

    I would like to create a clickable phone link, out of an existing button. button_border: enable : True label : "Call 07793 251677" link : "service" So I am wondering if there is a simple way of adjusting the link, or if I can add in a HTML link somehow....
  18. A

    JavaScript How to have two audio players on one page?

    I would like to have two html audio players in a table, looking like this: So far I have only one working player. Also, cell is too high because of something about player and player is not in the middle of a cell. So far I have this...
  19. D

    HTML What is this "icon=" code?

    I am NOT a coder, just a minimal hacker. I tried to reduce the size of my bookmark list to transfer to my phone and found something I didn't understand. In each link section the name, link, title, date, etc. are there. There is, also, a favicon link. then there is a code for "icon=. . ." that...
  20. J

    HTML & CSS I can't get the unordered list

    I'm trying to make a unordered list, but it doesn't work. I think the problem comes from the css file. At first I thought the problem was from section, but then I decided to try only the code for the unordered list in a new blank html file where everything turned out as it should. At the moment...