1. malusuda

    Help with padding

    <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <style> .cart { background-color: rgb(255, 216, 20); padding-left: 20; padding-right: 20; padding-top: 5px; padding-bottom: 5px; border-radius: 12.5px; transition: 0.15s; border: none; } .cart:hover { background-color:goldenrod; } </style> </head>...
  2. C

    Saving dropdown options to server

    So far, I have the following code: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Company HR</title> <style> h1 { font-family: verdana; text-align: center; font-size: 50px; } table, th, td, select { border: 1px solid black...
  3. P

    Add a button on the single page product that add's the product to the cart with an amount of 0$

    I want to show a button in my single product page template that says "Try at home for free" under the product description and when you press the button it will add the product to the woocommerce cart with an amount of 0$. I'm using woocommerce with elementor. I have the following PHP code on...
  4. L

    HTML & CSS How to add a description in the center frame every time you click on a tab above

    Hi, I built this portal for online courses. I can only use HTML and CSS without scripts. Could you help me add a description in the center frame when you click on each tab from above without clicking on the side buttons that have each one? Thanks in advance...
  5. E

    HTML Navigation bar links not working on my website

    Hi everyone, I'm having an issue with the navigation bar on my website. The links to the other pages don't seem to be working when clicked. The strange thing is that the links work perfectly fine on the other pages of my website, but not on the homepage. I've tried Validating my HTML code with...
  6. J

    HTML & CSS Need Help Using Semantic Elements - Refactor Code

    Hi Everyone, I am starting out on learning how to code (the proper way) and I simply am at a total loss or confusion. I need to be able to refactor code using semantic elements in HTML & CSS. I cant figure out where to break each section or where to use its proper semantic element so that its...
  7. Idle Commander - The Dev

    JavaScript Cannot read properties of null style

    I have this code all the ids in HTML exist. ``` const materials = [ { name: 'stone_box', amount: stoneAmt }, { name: 'redMushSeeds', amount: redMushSd }, { name: 'cop_box', amount: copperAmt...
  8. nil14

    css justify content issue

    hi everyone , I'm trying to create a portfolio website and I can't put space between the list in the picture , I tried everything but I don't know what did I do wrong . code : GitHub - naex96/portfolio-website
  9. fusion

    HTML CSS Flux. Trying to get 2 items per row

    Morning all, I have been struggling with getting my flex to show 2 items per row on a desktop scree. I have searched the internet and tried to use flex-basis: 1 with min-width: 0, flex-basis: 50% and so many other things I have found online but none of it has worked. Thanks in advancewd to...
  10. Y

    HTML & CSS Empty div has width and height in % but does not appear

    Hi All, I have just bumped into this case while i am doing a freecodecamp challenge. In the freecodecamp editor the div showed per given % but when i tried to do the same in VSC i did not get the same result, so i created a little example. Could you please tell me how it works as it works with...
  11. timeolethug

    PHP how to make a mysql database on replit?

    Hello everyone, with a friend we make a dynamic website and for collaborate, we make it on, because we don't find how to create a database in this website. Did you know how to make it? (sorry for the spelling, i'm french) Thank you and good evening.
  12. F

    Error but I have no idea where

    I have been working at this thing for like a year and it just has not been working. It is supposed to download files, acting as a button. Could someone correct it please? <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <Head> <title> button </title> </head> <a href="file path"...
  13. sacdman

    Asking for assistance with CSS Menu for mobile for existing site

    Hi everyone. I am new here and just looking for assistance for my website. This site I built back in 2002 but this is also a site that is responsive and works even on tablets. The hard part is adapting it to the viewport for a cellphone. My current right side menu is far too large for a...
  14. John Weiss

    HTML & CSS Clicking Hidden Radio Button

    Trying to click a hidden radio button, but it's making the image go all wonky. How to fix? Everything seems normal until you click. Then the image remains wonky even after you move the mouse pointer away. The img-clip div constrains the size of the image. The radio-button click area is meant to...
  15. Idle Commander - The Dev

    JavaScript Why is this not working [edit]

    I'm making an online free web game and I got to the point where I don't know how to fix a particular bug. What I'm confused about is that the thing I'm building works perfectly when you perform it the normal way but If you go on a quest in my game and fight a monster it breaks. If you want a...
  16. Idle Commander - The Dev

    JavaScript Why is this not working?

    I'm making an online free web game and I got to the point where I don't know how to fix a particular bug. What I'm confused about is that the thing I'm building works perfectly when you perform it the normal way but If you go on a quest in my game and fight a monster it breaks. If you want a...
  17. Kiyoshi99

    JavaScript Simple CSS/JS Tabs

    Hi, Im trying to use the following simple Tabs: Unfortunately, these tabs do not work for me, since they crash sometimes. Is there another way to achieve Tabs like these? Fix my Code so that it does not crash? Or even rewrite it completely to achieve this...
  18. John Weiss

    Tutorial Code-Free HTML Templates

    I'm just sharing a free tool i developed that might be helpful to others. It's a code-free, client-side templating tool, that will enable an HTML dev to display a collection of repeated items on a webpage with identical HTML, but different content. "Template" meaning there's only one copy of...
  19. R

    How to animate an interactive mind map?

    Hey all Im a beginner with html/css but I am trying to create an interactive mind map and I'm not really sure where to begin with javascript for this something like the first link but the blue circles would only reveal on hover of the center orange circle. also Ideally some sort of animation...
  20. jsmwrench

    NOOB assistance - send command from web page to Pi

    Hi all. I'm pretty much a NOOB to this, but I have dabbled in C++ and HTML/CSS and I've also programmed some Arduino projects. This project, however, is larger than my experience, but I believe I can get through this if I just take one step at a time. To explain my project as simply as possible...
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