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  1. M

    Help with removing space in <h1>

    What is responsible for all the whitespace around the text in this <h1>? It's so big it's almost acting as a margin-top. View: https://imgur.com/bTUg9uR <section class="contact-hero"> <h1>Contact us...</h1> <p>Write us a brief, ask us a question or tell us what you’re looking for in...
  2. cbreemer

    Syntax for external files

    Not a problem, just a question. I am struggling to understand why the syntax for including external CSS and JS is so different. Currently I use this : <script src="http://localhost:80/lib/dialogs.js"></script> <link rel="stylesheet" href="http://localhost:80/lib/dialogs.css">...
  3. Samantha Groves

    JavaScript HTML canvas isnt working properly(I cant draw anything on the screen)

    Hello I have this code and it is supposed to be a drawing app with the ability to choose between up to 3 colors: <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <title>Draw a picture</title> </head> <body> <script> let color = ""; let mouseDownVar = 0...
  4. J

    Responsive problem - html and css site in development

    Hi guys, I've decided (for some reason :-) ) to re-code my Wordpress site from scratch with my own code... It's going well, though there is a minor problem within the responsive framework and I can't find the mistake. The problem occurs when scaling the site below approx. 400 px - something...
  5. AntiokusPensato

    HTML & CSS Help with a breakpoint

    I am doing a school project and am having trouble getting a certain breakpoint to work. I'm sure it is something simple and I just can't see it. This is my first month coding, tried to use chatGPT to help but the few suggestions through there seemed to make it worse or not change it at all. I am...
  6. Kaworu

    CSS I cannot center the divs contents.

    Hi. I am working on a website. I have two divs (classes: centered-text and center-div - the first is supposed to center the text, the second pictures) and my CSS code for them is not working as intended. The detailed problem is below, in SPOILER: [/SPOILER] I really cannot guess why...
  7. E

    Answered File path

    Given the following folder structure, how do I write the full html tags needed to reach the different different files starting from the orange file? a) house.jpg b) menu.js c) style.css
  8. I

    How do I display the new comment in the comments section when added and still keep the submission ajax code?

    My code is below: $commentsQuery = "SELECT username, created_at, content FROM comments WHERE post_id ={$row['id']} ORDER BY created_at DESC"; $commentsResult = mysqli_query($con, $commentsQuery); $commentsCount = $commentsResult->num_rows; if ($commentsCount > 0) { echo "<details>...
  9. I

    How do I make this layout possible?

    I have tried many, many times to make this possible but can't figure out how to get the comments box and button to be inline with the reactions emojis and I can't get it working. It has frustrated me so much that I have thought of quitting the project but I'm hoping I won't have to and I'm...
  10. T

    JavaScript How to make CSS animation show on page for a set time on page reload

    so I have a js loading animation with a progress bar that I want to show on page load. I put this under the JS section because I assume js is needed for this to work. If the page loads quicker than the 1s animation, then I want it to hide everything else and play the animation, then show content...
  11. JosiahMaybe

    How to restrict access to PHP scripts to only be called from a single web site on same server?

    I know $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] should be like my web page. I also would have dedicated IP and could check that address but can't someone have a duplicate or spoof that? If it helps, I would be using shared hosting from Asurahosting.com, Unlimited Plus plan. I have not made this site yet. I am...
  12. L

    HTML display:grid problem

    Hi all, this is my first posting on this forum. I want to make some kind of calculator exercicing with HTML grid system, however i ranned into problem. at class="block2" i want the letter C to be positioned at the very start, something like...
  13. N

    HTML & CSS I need help fixing my website

    Im a student that recently started studying computer science. We were asked to make a website with a navigation bar, 5pages and in each page credits. Ive had some problems with the design of the page and Im hoping you could help me. The problems are as following: 1.I would like the background...
  14. dstromberg

    Resetting a radio button to defaults?

    Hello people. I'm attempting to add a few radio buttons to a large HTML+CSS+Javascript (and Python on the backend) project. Something, somewhere in the stack is changing radio buttons to be just their lablels, and no actual visible circles. In factd, they aren't just invisible: if I click...
  15. dstromberg

    Button that won't change status until validation completes? Or that changes, but changes back if validation fails?

    Hello people. I currently have a (I think) pure CSS button that toggles between "PRESERVED" and "NOT PRESERVED". That's been good enough 'til now, even though infrequently the button will change but the underlying state doesn't, resulting in a button that has the wrong value (IOW, "PRESERVED"...
  16. B

    JavaScript Help with constants file

    I have a global constants file where I added a links node to it but I'm not sure how to translate that from the constants file into the html file or possibly ts file. constants file export const GlobalConstants = { AOApiPath...
  17. P

    JavaScript Function is undefined after dynamically including <script> to external JS with function

    I have an HTML file that contains a page that, upon clicking a button, should do the following: 1) A <div> panel opens up 2) That <div> panel contains <script src="scripts/record_update.js"></script> 3) The external .js file "record_update.js" contains only one function: officialRecordUpdate()...
  18. F

    How to hide 2D-API Canvas element (like the bakground) but keep the drawing visible, so that "you can draw n the webpage"

    Any ideas, maybe it is enough setting some alfa-value? Also anyone knows what this context are saved as in the DOM, I mean if text are textnodes what are lines in this API then, or is it completely separate and only accessible throughout the canvas element? Excuse me for my bad English.
  19. A

    load file from index.html

    I am new to the forums, and although I have done web design in HTML, Java Script and CGI it has been awhile, about 20 years in fact. I have don very little with CSS. Please bear with me as I will likely have several questions. I do have extensive experience with Visual Basic, I have had Java and...
  20. Cooldude100

    Python How do I get paid ads on my website.

    I am making a payment website using stripe. It is sort like paypal or venmo. But you don't need any transaction fees. The way I hope to accomplish this is with ads. I am using anvil but there is no ad option.
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