1. LenniCodes

    Answered Auto position div under another

    Hi! Ive got a problem... i have got two divs.. i want the second div to go under the first when the page becomes smaller. So they wont overlap... Anyone any ideas how to place a div automaticly under the other one?
  2. Malcolm

    HTML Tutorial Heading tags

    Hello Coders! This thread is to help you understand, identify and create the header tags used in HTML (h1,h2.. etc). There are a total of 6 header tags that range from h1 (largest) to h6 (smallest). A heading tag requires an opening tag <h1> and a closing tag </h1> within content in between...
  3. website


    Trying out new techniques for my website
  4. D

    HTML Base 1.0

    <!-- HTML Base 1.0 Author: Arvid This serves as the Starting-Point for a HTML Website. You can add your own Images, Text and other stuff to it. (IF YOU ARE MAKING A WEBSITE THAT WILL BE AVAILABLE ONLINE, PLEASE REMOVE THE COMMENTS AND ANY PLACEHOLDER STUFF)--> <!--If you need help with HTML Tags...
  5. CoreyJ

    Tutorial Basic HTML - CSS template

    These two attached files will help you or your client to get on their feet and start making a awesome website !
  6. Screenshot (63).png

    Screenshot (63).png

    Creating a portfolio for my mate ! :))
  7. CrimsonKing

    Tutorial How to make A simple audio player in HTML, JavaScript, CSS.

    Today I am going to teach you how to make A simple Audio Player in HTML 5, JavaScript, and CSS. To follow this tutorial be sure to download notepad++ being as it is mostly used in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Let's begin to start this we will need 3 important files to make 1. HTML (player.html)...
  8. Malcolm

    CodeForum CodePG 1.0.0

    We have recently installed a Live Code Editor for HTML, CSS and JavaScript - Which means when you make changes or write code you'll be able to see a preview of the changes. It also has multiple different themes, but feel free to have a look. Also has some customization to it, you can change...
  9. Malcolm

    How do I link my an external-CSS style-sheet to my HTML document?

    I just created my HTML document: Brocoli.html, and I'm ready to start styling my page. But, I'm not quite sure how to link my .CSS file to my .HTML file..Please help!
  10. Malcolm

    HTML HTML Boiler Template

    Hi guys, Sublime & Atom make it very easy for you to create your boilerplate and be used for when you are creating multiple HTML pages. In order to use this awesome tool, you'll first need to save your file as an HTML document. Once your file is saved (Should have .html extension) type HTML in...