1. B

    HTML & CSS Section of site is restricting content to a narrow column

    Next to no coding experience. Built this site a couple years ago with a visual builder, which has since been discontinued. The code is pretty wacky, and since I don't have much experience, I'm going to put a wall of code on this post. Hard for me to say what is the problem spot. Sorry. This is...
  2. Malcolm

    What is HTML?

    What is HTML? HTML is an abbreviation for Hypertext-Markup Language and is used to create the structure of a website. In other words, it’s considered the skeleton. A webpage is made up of many different types of tags that are used to structure a webpage. HTML documents use the file extension...
  3. W

    HTML & CSS HTML/CSS - Multiple images in carousel slide show

    I'm trying to create a slideshow that shows 4 images at a time, and then you can click arrows on the left and right to go to the next set of images. When I attempt to open my html file in google chrome, all the images stack on top of each other vertically instead of horizontally and my arrows...
  4. J

    JavaScript How to create a dynamic live counter

    I'm trying to create a dynamic live counter. The counter needs to: have some text before and after. change live. stay between 1 and 10. change only by ±1. have 2 to 10 second intervals between each update (Random but no longer than 10 and no less than 2 seconds between each update). if...
  5. Hemmel

    HTML & CSS How to call a different popup within the same popup

    Hello everyone, I'm using the template "Ocean Vibes" from TemplateMo and it uses popups. I know there's a way to create a button to go to the next popup, but I can't find how to make a button to go to the popup that I want. For example, popups "about", "gallery" and "contact". In popup...
  6. S

    HTML & CSS how to copy this part to my wordpress blog

    Hi guys, I'll need your help to implement this part from another WordPress Blog to mine. could you help me with that, please? Here is the link to the post: Thank's
  7. Lance

    HTML & CSS Media Query

    <h3 style="text-align: center; margin-left: 100px; padding-top: 30px;">Latest Posts</h3> <div class="a2c" style="background-color:black; margin: 40px 40px 80px 100px; width: 400px; height: 480px;"> <div id="image" style="margin-top: 20px;"> <a href="test.html"> <img...
  8. S

    HTML & CSS Why does an <img> within a <div> display a narrow gap at the bottom?

    Hi All I have placed an <img> within a <div>. Here's the HTML: <div class="box"> <img class="height200" src=""> </div> Here's the CSS: .box { display: inline-block; margin: 20px...
  9. hhaarr

    HTML & CSS Why does the class work inside the img tag but not inside div?

    Hello everyone why does it work here <div> <img src="pix.jpeg" alt="Eastern Port" class="A5"> </div> but not here <div class="A5" > <img src="pix.jpeg" alt="Eastern Port"> </div> this is as far as it goes for the class in CSS .A5 { width: 50%; } Thanks for any help
  10. S

    HTML & CSS Why does an image break its layout if the image is not found?

    I am displaying a box (.box class) within which 2 cards (.card class) are present. The requirements are as follows: 1) The box has the same height as the cards. 2) The cards are required to be displayed at the extreme left and right ends of the box, on the same row. Within each .card object...
  11. R

    HTML & CSS Can not get all links to work with my custom cursor

    Hello, so I have been running into an issue, I am still kind of a newbie and I have a custom cursor on my site but for some reason when I hover over my "projects" div class column-two the links do not work. they work with my name and information and contact info but not the projects and not sure...
  12. H

    HTML & CSS Animated web banners

    Hello I have designed an animated web banner in GreenSock. It’s a pretty simple banner with an image as a background and some text and graphics animated. Only lasts a couple of seconds.The size is 300x250. Now I’ve been asked to make it responsive for desktop and mobile. At the moment it’s...
  13. amyLou

    HTML & CSS Advice

    I've been using HTML and CSS for sometime now and have created a number of websites with it. I have included some jquery in them, and mostly learned everything I know from tutorials. I'm looking to add some more modern and advanced features to my repertoire like parallax, scrolling...
  14. psycho_41

    HTML & CSS Need help to create this page exactly like this

  15. B

    JavaScript Trouble with expandable accordion list - extra space

    Hello! I'm trying to perfect an expandable accordion list that I put together, but I cant seem to fix the fact that there is extra white space after the text on every single block (See example here). Heres what I have: <link rel="stylesheet"...
  16. L

    CSS How to style an unordered list without styling another one nested within it

    Hi all, This is my first time posting, so I hope I’m doing it correctly.... please bear with me. I’m very new to coding, so this is probably a super easy question to answer, but it’s driving me nuts. I have an <ul> nested within another <ul> I need to style the direct children of that FIRST...
  17. J

    HTML & CSS How to make a dropdown menu?? Please Help

    Hello! I am new to CSS and HTML-- I feel like this should be easy but i can't figure it out. This website was made by someone else and i am tasked with created a dropdown tab on one of the links. Here is the page for some background: I need...
  18. J

    HTML & CSS Two browsers display image wrong.

    I have an image that is 810 pixels wide. My HTML is: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <title>WTF</title> </head> <body> <ul style="list-style-type:none;"> <li> <img src="Image.png" alt="" style="margin: 0 auto 0 auto;width:810px;display:block;"> </li>...
  19. Davke10

    I need help

    Hi, I am doing a research project for school and we want to study the difference lyrical and instrumental music have on memory. So we tought we show a list of 20 words for 2 min and then give 2 min to write down as many words as you can remember from the list. I thought it would be super easy...
  20. simong1993

    The basic bootstrap

    Hey all, so this is round 2. I got halfway through my tut and my browser crashed losing everything :S. What am I doing, well im going to teach you how to use bootstrap. What is bootstrap you ask, well that’s a good question. Back in the day programmers had to spend hours making sure a website...