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  1. IMMaximum

    HTML & CSS Ideas For Gaming Website

    So this is a post where I do and I don't need help. I have been creating a website for my Programming 2 class using AI per his instructions, and it went well. The project has come to an end, but I still want to work on it because I find coding interesting. I have a couple questions that I want...
  2. Louis2675

    Python What are some interesting physics-related topics for an 11th grade Python presentation?

    Hi there, I have a presentation to make for my physics class (11th grade). My teacher told me I can choose any topic but with two main conditions : The topic must have a link with physics I need to make a Python program linked to it Therefore my problem is : I have no idea about what topic...
  3. BorkedSystem32

    Small project ideas

    Hey there. I've been away from programming for a ridiculously long time now and only now am I trying to get back into it - it's quite hard though. I'd like some projects to do in the meantime to help me get back into the swing of things. I don't want basic things(e.g. calculator, guess the...
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