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  1. JosiahMaybe

    About ext4 Linux timestamps maybe

    In some Linux there is no way to set created at or changed at timestamps on mounted systems. NOTE: ONLY USE DEBUGFS ON UNMOUNTED SYSTEMS. There is however debugfs. If you want to set times there are 2 or more things to set. With creation time there is crtime and crtime_extra, first is to second...
  2. lorli

    C++ How to compile sfml project using cmake on linux

    How can I compile my sfml project using cmake? Using simple g++ command I would do this g++ -o test file1.cpp file2.cpp -lsfml-graphics -lsfml-window -lsfml-system so far I have this in my cmake file: cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.25.2) project(life) set (SOURCES file1.cpp file2.cpp)...
  3. gregosilaja

    Node.JS how to fix connect ENETUNREACH on npm on linux

    i am not using a proxy im just a noob trying to learn how to develop with `create-react-app` locally on my machine(linux) this is the output of `tracepath registry.npmjs.org` ``` 1?: [LOCALHOST] 0.020ms pmtu 1500 1: 2001:4451:664:1400:caf6:c8ff:fef2:bdcb...
  4. Johna

    install.sh: 364: Syntax error: "(" unexpected (expecting "done")

    Hi all, I'm trying to install Canon printer drivers on my linux mint device. I've downloaded the drivers from https://www.canon.co.uk/ (Canon i-SENSYS MF4730) and I'm trying to install it by running the install.sh I've opened a terminal in the directory, and then I typed sh install.sh, but I get...
  5. B

    Linux Resources List

    Introduction This thread serves as a list of links to resources on Linux. Placed first are non-distribution resources; the distribution-specific resources can be found at the bottom of this thread. Resources include mailing-lists/forums/newsgroups, tutorial sites, wikis, videos, books, and...
  6. M

    Beginner's Guide To The GNU/Linux Terminal

    Hey there. Today, I'll be showing you the basics of the GNU/Linux Terminal that comes with every Installation of GNU/Linux [Distro]. You'll learn how to Navigate through Directories, how to create Directories, how to perform Updates via Terminal, how to create and remove Files and a couple of...
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