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  1. D

    Calling 2 floats from another script

    Hi guys! I have this code below which will spawn a prefab item set in the inspector and hurl it in the direction of the mouse pointer, but instead, I need the speed to be a float set in another script on projectile and im stumped as to how I would do it. I also need to get the destroyAfter...
  2. H

    JavaScript Need help How to validate my quiz answers till the end to show a full score?

    Hi, I am new here! I need help for my Quiz assignment as I have a problem in my Javascript. My quiz has a textbox, radio and checkbox. At first, the checkAnswer() worked when I did not input the show() function to my JavaScript. It showed my overall score. But after I input that show() function...
  3. Felix213434

    Need help Operaters

    Hello i have an question : exist an way to set an opertator like "*" ,"-", or "+" in a variable like " var operator = -; " ?
  4. C

    Edit Bootstrap calendar

    Hello Guys, i need some help. Yesterday i download Bootstrap Calendar for my application. Today i want to edit the calendar but it doesn´t Work. $('#element').calendar({ setDisplayWeekNumber: true, }); Link for Bootstrap Calendar Options Thank you for helping me :) Codex (Ger)