1. B

    Anybody looking for new resources?

    Hello there! A couple of weeks ago, I got back into doing art and Blender just to have some fun. In a recent conversation I had, where I discussed my lack of interest in programming, I was suggested that I maybe get into doing some sort of design or music work. That makes me wonder: would...
  2. B

    Linux Resources List

    Introduction This thread serves as a list of links to resources on Linux. Placed first are non-distribution resources; the distribution-specific resources can be found at the bottom of this thread. Resources include mailing-lists/forums/newsgroups, tutorial sites, wikis, videos, books, and...
  3. nebula

    JavaScript Resources for learning JavaScript?

    Hi! I’ve been learning JavaScript using Codecademy course for 2 months, but I think that I need some other resources for learning. I got stuck at one point, I think I need more practise exercises and maybe other course to understand it better. I also wanna make my learning path more neat...
  4. B

    Feedback The Resources Section

    The Resources section on CodeForum, has largely been untouched by the community, with something new being put up on it once in a while. To further boost usage of the Resources section, I believe we should: Encourage the community to share new resources that they've found and believe will be...
  5. ivan.moony

    Beta testing resources

    Does anyone have any positive experience with finding beta-testers? I applied to yesterday. I'm still waiting for listing me in. The site seems nice, it is simple to use so far. They say there are a lot people that do beta-testing just for fun. When I give it a second...
  6. D

    Programming-Language Resources

    Hey there. This Thread serves as a Resource-List for getting Resources and Learning-Materials for any Programming-Language. That includes C++, Ruby, Python, PHP, Java and plenty of other Languages. Here is what you can Submit: Books Websites Learning-Sites PDF Files/Links Please Note: When...
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