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HTML & CSS Help with aligment of the code-source with!


New Coder
Hello, I would like your help to correct with code some of the situations that I couldn't do with the code.

My site is a responsive site, but when I see the full screen from my computer, the look/layout of the site is not similar when it shrinks the screen for tablets or mobile devices.

My doubts are all in the comments of the code I send and they end up with a ? and they are the ones below:

1) <!--How to put the behance icon in the white color?-->

2) <!--How to put the linkedin icon in the white color?-->

3) <!--How to put the datetime on the same line as the weather bar, how to fix this with css, ie as in the picture?-->

4) <!--how do i make the download button the same color as the whole pc screen? (because when I shrink the tile the color of the download button is changed?)-->

5) <!--how do i make w3 classes, in css file?-->


<!--How to center the image gallery,how to center the image gallery and make it look like

the link: https://www.w3schools.com/howto/tryit.asp?filename=tryhow_js_slideshow_gallery?-->

7) <!--How do I center the footer and place the behance and linkedin icons on the left side of the footer?-->

8) How to center the radio station?

I would love to be able to count on your help through source code, since my difficulties mainly focus on alignment. Because this site will be important for me to promote my multimedia works.

Ps.: I also send the images from the image gallery.

Code: https://codepen.io/Quencyjones79/pen/WNZmyBa


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1 2 I really do not know what you mean by “in the white color” . I am guessing you want these two icons to be white.
Do this:
<style>.fa-linkedin{color:white !important;}</style>
<style>.fa-behance{color:white !important;}</style>

3 - You did not give us a picture.

4 Button always stayed blue at all screen sizes

5 ??? Please rethink your question and ask again

6 7 8 Centering things

You can use margin: 0 auto;
or flex box ->
display: flex;
justify-content: center;
align-items: center;

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