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HTML & CSS HTML Boiler Template


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Hi guys,

Sublime & Atom make it very easy for you to create your boilerplate and be used for when you are creating multiple HTML pages. In order to use this awesome tool, you'll first need to save your file as an HTML document. Once your file is saved (Should have .html extension) type HTML in the editor, hit tab, and the HTML boilerplate will be automatically generated for you.

NOTE: First save your file CTRL + S, name it whatever you want but just make sure you have .html after it. Then
Below is the HTML Boilerplate:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <meta charset="utf-8">
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Thanks for the codes!

I am just curious what are benefits to put this code <meta charset="utf-8"> in a html file? I think charset should be defined from database.
Hmm that's a good question.. One that I'll have to look up! Thanks for asking! 
Thanks for the codes!

I am just curious what are benefits to put this code <meta charset="utf-8"> in a html file? I think charset should be defined from database.

That's true for websites that have databases. Either way. it's still good form to declare the charset in HTML to ensure the browser renders characters they way they're intended.

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