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JavaScript need help in redirect page after upload GLB file


New Coder
Hello guys,
I need help I created one HTML page in which the drag and drop or upload file button is there, in this I need if I upload a GLB file then it will redirect to the three JS scene and open that GLB file into that scene.

If I added below two lines it divides my index.html into two parts one in webpage and second three js scene

<script type="text/TypeScript" src="/src/client/gltfLoader.ts"></script>
<script type="module" src="Bundle.js"></script>

What exactly do you mean with "redirect to the three JS scene" ? What is a js scene anyway ? And where is your problem ? With the drag and drop, the redirect (whatever that is) or the opening of the GLB file ? All of the above ? What have you tried, where did you get stuck ? Code please ?
Like I have a GLB file, and I need to drag that file and drop it; after dropping a file, it will run a typescript file which is gltfloader.ts and bundle.js like you can search creators3d. com if we drop the GLB file after that 3D object is opened, I need that functionality
I am not going to search creators3d.com to seek clarification of your issue. If you want someone to think along with you, please put some effort in answering any questions they may have.

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