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What is everyone working on?


I just started learning how to code with HTML and CSS, sooooo....
Playing with a personal blog for my chainsaw carving page and a Skyrim "gamer's manual" that will have useful information like a regular fan site, but from more of a personal perspective and personal gameplay.
The Carving page at this point is, for lack of better words, bland. I haven't done much with it since I started.... maybe I'll get back into it tonight and use what I've learned recently...
The Skyrim Gamer's Manual is something that I started to do because my wife and I are hugely into Skyrim. She has multiple (as in 10-15) notebooks with handwritten notes from her own gameplay and research into the game. I figured it would be a fun project where I could bounce ideas off of her and actually have her be interested in what I was doing (she's not huge into computers). Fingers crossed though, one day I'll convert her to a code monkey!!
On a side note; I doubt either will ever hit the web, but it's fun to learn right now :)


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Staff Team
Currently im working on a full automated online shop :D 2 months in and finnaly getting somewhere and on the side im also building a automated 3d printing buisness :D its going to be a blast :D


New Coder
I am curious about what you all are currently working on, I am currently working on a new multi-purpose discord bot with some useful systems that i will use in most of my other bots (database handlers and some other stuff)
i am working on stamp catalog


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I had a very fun (not really) task of creating a TCP client using Java as a piece of university coursework. Got the basics done so far including a GUI which was extremely fun to create (again, not really). Can't wait to be done with it and submit it


I'm not working on anything at the moment as I'm mostly just trying to get back into programming after a long time away from it.

I did stumble upon xv6 earlier, which has definitely peaked my interest. I like operating systems - especially old ones - so this might be the closest I'll get to an old UNIX(pure UNIX, not UNIX-like). What I'll be able to takeaway from it after inspecting its code, I don't know. But, I'm hoping to at least learn a thing or two anyway.