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What phone do you have?



I now plan to get a Google Pixel 3a.
Well, I now own a Pixel 3a and I love it!

Great Camera, great Screen, clean and modern Android UI. Stock Android Pie top. It's everything that I need(Especially the Stock Android Pie. Hate all that Bloatware-Crap that Samsung has).

I don't plan on switching away from it soon. Might keep it for three to four years and switch by then.


I'm quite glad I didn't get one of their Phones.

Like, who the hell is going to do a PowerPoint from there Phone?!


King Coder
Currently I own an iPhone XS but would like to buy an Android device soon and test a LineOS installation.
If I want a Google free operating system.


Well-Known Coder
used to have an iphone but I didn't like it so right now I have the poco x3 pro. it's pretty good but my favorite phone was the google pixel 2XL.