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  1. M

    Understanding how keystores or secrets manager work for software running on linux

    Many software platforms on Linux have a "Secrets" manager, like Ansible Vault, Hashicorp Vault Provider, Elasticsearch keystore etc... I'm trying to better understand if they offer the security I think it offers. Here's what I'm trying to understand: Many softwares will let you create a .env...
  2. phpio

    PHP Asking for your feedback on a PHP code security scanner in beta

    Hi, I'm Theo! Just to preface this for the mods: this is not an ad nor is this a commercial project -- a small team of devs (myself included) has recently finished working on a PHP code security scanner and we are humbly asking for your feedback. We have already been told that integration...
  3. JosiahMaybe

    JavaScript Is there any way to prevent Javascript changing things without site permission?

    So I may have worked out a secure way to sell except that in like my site hackers may be able to bypass like my selling logic. I would do custom country check in Javascript using navigator.geolocation, prefill paddle.com checkout with Javascript. paddle.com checkout starts in Javascript and...
  4. M

    How to address security in white label software

    I just started working with a business that made a web application that has a nodejs-expressjs backend api and a react front end. The business wants to sell its software as a white label solution to some enterprise sized businesses. My manager says that the customers will be expecting a...
  5. JosiahMaybe

    How to restrict access to PHP scripts to only be called from a single web site on same server?

    I know $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] should be like my web page. I also would have dedicated IP and could check that address but can't someone have a duplicate or spoof that? If it helps, I would be using shared hosting from Asurahosting.com, Unlimited Plus plan. I have not made this site yet. I am...
  6. D

    PHP Simple powerful PHP library for data sanitization

    Hello, I've created a highly efficient and robust PHP library designed specifically for data sanitization. It combines simplicity with remarkable power, ensuring swift processing. This library empowers you to effortlessly sanitize diverse data types, eliminating the need for extensive manual...
  7. datdatyul

    Java Spring Boot Microservices - Spring Security Issue in one service throwing throwing java.lang.StackOverflowError in JUnit

    I have a problem in running any test method in service test and controller test in one of the spring boot microservices (order service). After I completed service and controller , I tried to write their test methods but I have a problem in there. How can I fix it? Here is the security config...
  8. bantuporijourneys

    HTML Suspicious Developer

    Hi there, I have my friend's tour website www.kilisatours.com, But we suspect there is a dirty trick involved. We can monitor everything on our booking page https://kilisatours.com/contact-us, we can see visitors visit the page and place their bookings but we don't see the emails when a client...
  9. Okonomiyaki

    Java CommandLineRunner won't add roles to users

    I'm follow a tutorial on Spring Boot Security, but I got stuck. Currently I'm setting up a CommandLineRunner, which does 3 things: - Create Roles - Create User - Add roles to users Running the code creates a table with the created roles and a table for the created users, but adding roles to...
  10. M

    Tips For Securing Your Account

    Introduction Hey there, CF. As you know, we've recently had an outage. But don't worry, it was just @Master Yoda in the process of doing some changes to the infrastructure(More changes will be done in the next few days, so expect to have issues accessing the site again). Although, one user was...
  11. M

    Security Discussion Thread

    Hey there. A few weeks ago, I had set-up a thread in where you can discuss privacy and what you can do to protect it with others. I just got the idea to create the same thread, but for security this time. In this thread, I encourage all of you to discuss everything related to security. Whether...
  12. M

    Privacy Discussion Thread

    Hey there. A while ago, there was a thread circulating this board that was all about digital-privacy. It was mainly just a debate and argument sort of thread in my opinion though, but I feel like creating a thread that we can all discuss the issues of privacy in a civil manner, would be great...
  13. D

    Suggestion Privacy/Security Discussion Board

    Hey there. I've recently just gotten the Idea of CF having a Board for talking about Privacy and maybe some Security-Related stuff. Users can talk about how their Data is being used, how to stop Data-Collection and for Security, they can maybe talk about how to stay safe online and how to keep...
  14. Ghost

    How many passwords do you use online?

    I wrote an article today that explains how pretty much any webmaster can steal your passwords online. It can be done with established software such as WordPress, XenForo, etc. Pretty much any site that takes your login information can store it without encrypting it to then access other online...
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