1. E

    HTML Navigation bar links not working on my website

    Hi everyone, I'm having an issue with the navigation bar on my website. The links to the other pages don't seem to be working when clicked. The strange thing is that the links work perfectly fine on the other pages of my website, but not on the homepage. I've tried Validating my HTML code with...
  2. Kushagra

    Need guidance on web designs

    Hey guys, I am Kushagra and I am new in the Web Design and Development Domain. As I said that I am new in this domain and I want help in the web design domain. I don't have much idea about the designs and that's why my designs don't look good. Please guide me on how can I improve my design.
  3. T

    Fun activity Hi

    I am a beginner at coding. I just started one month ago and seeking guidance. I will design my first website on my own. I have developed websites with theme customization before, but going to start with custom work now. I am sure I will have full support here. Guide me at every step I need help...
  4. BorkedSystem32

    Binary Library - Resource Directory

    Overview Binary Library is a link-directory that holds links to a variety of resources that could benefit programmers and those interested in computer science. This includes documentation sites, tutorials, forums, books, and more! The site is hosted on GitHub using GitHub pages and therefore...
  5. BorkedSystem32

    Fellow Webmasters of CF, what tips do you have for those starting a website/forum?

    Hello there, fellow webmasters of CF. I've been interested in starting a forum for a while now and I am interested to hear what advice/tips you have for people like myself who starting a website/forum. I have tried running sites before in the past, but they all ended up in the trash as I...
  6. C

    HTML & CSS Need Help Fixing Dropdown Menu Error

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum and don't entirely know the formatting, so please forgive me if anything is incorrect. Basically, I have a pile of code for a dropdown menu I'm trying to use for my Shopify website to create a dropdown menu, as currently it's invisible and doesn't show anything...
  7. M

    HTML & CSS The best editors for coding

    Hello there again, guys! So my question is what are the best editors for coding that I should use to start creating my website. So far, I learnt HTML and CSS. About to start learning JS. I googled the question but as usual it suggests a lot of stuff, so I don't know which one to pick. I also...
  8. joshii1

    JavaScript I need help changing the file type

    Hello there! in my websites and i have added a Winamp mp3/mp4 player and whenever i try to upload a file it wont allow me to do so unless that file is in a folder then it would allow me to upload it. how do i fix the code to where i can just upload a mp4 or a mp3...
  9. B

    HTML & CSS Section of site is restricting content to a narrow column

    Next to no coding experience. Built this site a couple years ago with a visual builder, which has since been discontinued. The code is pretty wacky, and since I don't have much experience, I'm going to put a wall of code on this post. Hard for me to say what is the problem spot. Sorry. This is...
  10. Pien

    What do you recommend to connect to your website storage space?

    Hello! I am terribly, painfully new to website-building, but I'm learning. I know the basics of HTML and CSS, now I want to start building my website. But I am doubting what is the best way to connect to my storage space (I am hosted at OVH) - the OVH FTP Explorer or Filezilla. Anyone has some...
  11. D

    HTML & CSS How to add a prefix to a user input on Wix

    I am creating a virtual business card where people can add their information and create a page with their social media links. I am almost done but I need help coding this: When a user goes to the update profile page they are presented with a bunch of option for example an Instagram username...
  12. M

    Solved UI Theme In The Wild

    Hey there. I noticed recently that when you scroll to the bottom of the site to change the theme, a new one has popped-up. That is: UI.X(Config) Was this meant to be a new theme that somehow slipped by, before it was properly configured for use by the CF community? From what I've tested, it...
  13. G

    HTML & CSS "Vimeo as Host for my Websites Loading Screen" Lag...!

    Hey! So on my website a have a video as a loading screen (a sort of "pre-enter site thing"). Vimeo is the host of that video. The problem that I am getting is when you press play, when it prepares to load the video, you will see a frame of the video, a frame maybe 6 seconds into the video, and...
  14. D

    WebWareBox Going Under Heavy Re-Write, WebWareBox As Software And A WebWareBox Website

    Hey there, everyone. As of today, I'd just like to say that WebWareBox has just started undergoing a heavy Re-Write. Now, you're probably wondering as to why a Re-Write is going on. Well, let me explain. So most of this has to do with the Site's Design. For one, it is extremely out-dated...
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