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Custom font not loading on Neocities


New Coder
I am making a new webpage for my website on neocities: (FRIDAY NIGHT JAMMIN'). On it, I want a few places to use a specific font that looks like the game the webpage is about. I used this tutorial: How To Load and Use Custom Fonts with CSS | DigitalOcean
1. I use the website they told me to use to get the files I needed
2. I put them on my website in an FNF folder
3. I put them in my CSS file called FNF Page/fnf_stylesheet.css like this:
I don't actually have a ttf or eot, but I put fake urls for them there anyways because I was just trying to follow what the website said.
4. I linked them to my html file like this
5. Everything in the CSS loads onto the webpage, except for my font.
6. I woke up the next morning to find out my font had worked

but I needed to do some style edits to make it look like how I wanted it to.
7. The font no longer works, instead replacing the parts where the font should be with a default.
I'm not sure why my font isn't leading, but I'd really like it to, and I know that it worked once already so I just need to know what I messed up.


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I tried looking it up, I can't seem to find a Neocities debugger. It just puts warnings and Xs next to my code sometimes if something is wrong or not according to their syntax.
I meant the browser's debugger invoked by pressing F12. Anyone doing web development should be using that, even if it's only to view Console output and Network traffic.
I see! I'm new to this, so "basic" info such as that is really helpful for me. Also sorry for using screenshots in the first post, I hadn't learn I should paste in code yet.

Looking at the network tab, I don't see anything related to the urls for my font. They're all youtube or google links because of the playlist I put on the website and the video I embedded.
Looking at the network tab, I don't see anything related to the urls for my font.
Hm. The screenshots led me to believe your font would have to be loaded from an URL. And if for whatever reason that would fail, the reason might be visible in the network tab. But I could be all wrong here. One thing that tickles me is your statement
I woke up the next morning to find out my font had worked
Maybe always sleep a night over it then ? No seriously, perhaps you have a caching issue ?

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