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  1. W

    Customizing the Navigation Menu on Big Cartel?

    I'm looking to edit the navigation menu on my website and move some of the pages within a drop-down menu, so the 'shipping' and 'contact' pages are within a drop-down below the 'info' page - can anyone help with this please? Here is a link to my website: www.wonkyjam.bigcartel.com I've also...
  2. Cooldude100

    Python I need devs for my project.

    Hello, my name is Grayson. I am looking for devs to help me create a payment Api for a website called Fruit surf. They will get half of the revenue from the website as long as they are a dev. Please help me. Also they must use python and know pyscript.
  3. Cooldude100

    Python Py-script chatgpt payment api

    I am having troubles with trying to figure out how to use a payment Api. So, I asked ChatGPT to help me. Here is the code: import jsonfrom http.server import BaseHTTPRequestHandler, HTTPServerclass PaymentHandler(BaseHTTPRequestHandler): def _send_response(self, status_code, data)...
  4. Cooldude100

    Invalid syntax on html?

    Hello, my name is Grayson. I am a beginner coder who is twelve years old. I took this code from a website: <!DOCTYPE Html> <html> <body> <h1>My First Heading</h1> <p>My first paragraph.</p> </body> </html> And it put out this error: File "C:\Users\grays\OneDrive\Desktop\Test.html", line 1...
  5. Quonit

    Custom font not loading on Neocities

    I am making a new webpage for my website on neocities: (FRIDAY NIGHT JAMMIN'). On it, I want a few places to use a specific font that looks like the game the webpage is about. I used this tutorial: How To Load and Use Custom Fonts with CSS | DigitalOcean 1. I use the website they told me to use...
  6. MemeMaestro

    Files disappeared into Limbo with .bat file

    So the thing is, I built myself a .bat file to clean up my entire desktop with one click. I then executed said file and was dumb enough to immediately do so on the desktop rather than testing it in a seperate folder first. Then, as the title suggested, disaster struck and while the folder was...
  7. H

    Hello.A Layout problem

    I cannot figure out what I wrote wrong when I made a mistake. The content doesn't have max-width 100% and goes beyond the borders. All layouts are not working as intended. If someone can help I will be grateful.
  8. olidavidblog

    Can someone help me make the following piece of code centred?

    <a href="David Oliveira is creating content to support businesses and help people."><img src="https://img.buymeacoffee.com/button-api/?text=Buy Me a Coffee&emoji=&slug=olidavid&button_colour=e84d15&font_colour=ffffff&font_family=Lato&outline_colour=ffffff&coffee_colour=FFDD00" /> </a>
  9. S

    Trouble cloning fork from github to my local machine

    Hello all, I am having a ton of trouble today cloning my for from github using Ubuntu on windows as my shell and visual studio code. Here is a link of how the prework says to do it, but as I follow along I receive a error message in the terminal of visual studio code after typing "learn test"...
  10. Avi.Parker

    Python Pandas pd.date_range() HELP

    <start = dt.datetime(2022,1,1) end = dt.datetime(2023,1,1) dates = pd.date_range (start,end,freq='20D') print(dates)> I am the definition of a newbie to python, not to mention the pandas extension, That being said is there any way that I can have the pd.date_range() line count from the end...
  11. C

    found a probable scam site, want to know how it works

    so I found this site, it spread through old people facebook, and got to my grandmother, all i know that it is very rushed and the code is messed up but i cant understand the javascript part of it, and i want to understand what it does (what information its steals or how it messes up a device)...
  12. D

    HTML & CSS Expanding This Code Into Daily Delivery Option

    <p class="line-item-property__field"> <label>First Delivery Date</label><br> {%comment%} <select onchange="jQuery.post('/cart/update.js', {note: 'First Delivery: '+this.value});" required class="required" id="first-delivery-date" name="properties[First...
  13. Noob

    C How to write a program to find compound interest without using the pow function (in C)?

    Here's my code so far: #include <stdio.h> int main() { float principle, rate, time, CI; scanf("%f", &principle); scan("%f", &time) scanf("%f", &rate); CI = principle * ((1 + rate / 100) * (1 + rate / 100) * (1 + rate / 100)); printf("%.2f\n", CI)...
  14. Premium__Zocker

    Lua Need help learning lua for example to fix lua error's on my gmod server

    Hello everybody. Im new to coding in general and i started to learn lua by watching CODE BLUE's tutorials on youtube. But i could need help from someone that has time and wants to help me with this. Just lua in generall but i have also an example lua error that i cannot fix bc i just dont know...
  15. stratos

    JavaScript need help fixing and understanding

    ive been following a tutorial to make a discord bot for a small server with my friends and am currently struggling to understand why this piece of code is not working. The aim for this part was to get the bot to say hello when i type hello into the server. The prefix is supposed to be used to...
  16. P

    Tech Start-Up

    Looking for outside the box, grand thinkers, who constantly question the boundaries of life and society, looking ideally for someone proficient in C/C++ and/or HTML BUT completely open to interviewing any applicant who has a passion for solving problems. If you’re interested in a quick...
  17. Aathena4

    HTML HTML Help

    Hi, i am looking to start my own competition business however i am having issues with designing my Product Page. I want to add "Entry Price: Draw Date: Ticket Limit: and the progress bar of how many have sold" just like in the screenshot below however i dont know how to do this and there isnt...
  18. Davke10

    I need help

    Hi, I am doing a research project for school and we want to study the difference lyrical and instrumental music have on memory. So we tought we show a list of 20 words for 2 min and then give 2 min to write down as many words as you can remember from the list. I thought it would be super easy...
  19. Cawfeecrisp

    I'm looking for someone to make a simple Discord bot that asks people if they're over 13.

    Now the reason I want this bot is to make sure everyone in my server complies with COPPA. You might tell me, "But kids under 13 could still lie about their age," and yes, I do know that. But it could possibly be effective, and I think it would become really popular in servers. If you me help out...
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