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HTML & CSS Linking from one HTML project to another HTML project


New Coder
Hello, I'm currently stuck as I'm trying to make a personal page with links to all of my other projects. The problem is that the project I'm trying to link to is not a part of the personal website itself.
I'm sorry for my bad explanation in advance :laugh:

I have a folder (personal page) containing index.html, styles.css and scripts.js as you do. In this folder I've got another folder of a completely different web project (weather app) containing the same files (index,styles,script). I thought just by having the weather app project folder in the same folder as my personal page project all I need to do is just link the anchor tag to the index.html of the weather app - visible on the code below - but it doesn't work. The weather app doesn't have it's own url as its only saved on my PC so I can't link it to any URL.

I've tried to google this but the only two options I've found were linking to a URL or linking to a different page of the same project.

Any advice how I can do this? As I said the project I'm trying to link to has it's own files and is completely separate from the personal page I'm currently working on.

Hope my explanation was at least good enough for y'all to understand my issue.

Thank you very much in advance.

<div class="project_item_container">
   <a href="weather/index.html" target="_blank" class="project_item4"></a>
   <h2 class="project_item_desc">Weather app</h2>
Is the weather folder named "weather" or something else, because the href looks ok? But, your anchor does not appear when the div is loaded into my browser. Use
<a href="weather/index.html" target="_blank" class="project_item4">Weather App</a>
instead so you can see the anchor.

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