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  1. A

    HTML & CSS CSS last menu item float left

    can someone advise how to move the sub-menu drop menu to left, .header .menu > .menu-item { position: relative; display: inline-block; margin: 0 .75rem } .header .menu > .menu-item > a { display: block; font-family: inherit; font-size: 1rem; font-weight: 500...
  2. faustoffer

    HTML & CSS Optimization for different desktops

    Oh, hi guys, I'm beginner in programming on HTML,CSS and I have a some problems with my second try to do landing page. I was designed my own site on Figma with resolution 1600x900. In the process of layout when I check web version I have a such problem (check attachment) and I don't know how to...
  3. Thinas

    HTML & CSS CSS forms help

    I'm newbie in CSS and need to "copy" a model as exercise. I'm having trouble "setting up" the <forms>, because I want <label> above <input>. Thanks in advance. Expected: my output: my HTML code: <form method="post"> <label for="nome">Nome do Paciente</label> <input...
  4. 220061

    CSS grid to put all my divs next to each other?

    Hello I'm tring to put all my divs next to eachother currently my page looks like this there are a lot of these t=divs and I want to put them next to each other so I thought of using grid but that makes them like this: I'm not that good with grid so how should I be able to fix this. I have...
  5. chadcode

    HTML & CSS Where should I start to learn Web development?

    I believe that in order for you to learn something effectively, you have to make a plan. Many people are confused about where to start in order to become a web developer. Therefore, I decided to share with you some of the videos that guided me and helped me to learn html and css. First video...
  6. K

    CSS Transparent background when top of screen

    I have a header bar, when my page loads of the page is scrolled to the top I want the background to be transparent so you can see the background hero image cleanly. As the user scrolls down I want the header bar to apply my background color. Is there a way you can do this in CSS or does it...
  7. TokyoNerd

    HTML & CSS Menu Bar Not Displaying Properly on Safari

    Below is the code I'm using to build a website. Everything looks great on every web browser except for Safari. The website is in both Japanese and English, and for whatever reason, the gray line underneath the menu bar isn't displaying properly on the Japanese version of the website when I test...
  8. Kaworu

    HTML & CSS I cannot center horizontally and display: table is not 100%

    Hi! :-) I am working on an element of a bigger page. I believe what's below is the complete minimal code of a solution, but it is not working. Basically, I have created a table in CSS (display: table) and I want for this whole table to be 100% of the width. I also wanna for elements withing...
  9. J

    CSS Why is "height: auto;" not working?

    Hi, Below I have some CSS which is displaying an image on my website however, if I set height to "auto", no image displays at all. It will only display if I set a px value. How can I get "height: auto;" to work? #my_image_div { max-width: 100%; height: auto; background-image...
  10. S

    CSS Help with CSS

    Hello I'm newbie at this. I have a problem. I have two boxes, when I change the screen size or I zoom on the page it desaligns and moves to another part of the page. What I have to do? This is my code: First box: .abt-me { position: relative; width: 800px; height: 250px...
  11. Q

    HTML & CSS Aligment icones of a website!

    Hi everyone, I'm making a personal website to promote my multimedia products, I really appreciate your help in clarifying the image doubt. So I also send my source code and I really appreciate your help with source code to help you with this question, please. So I also send my source code...
  12. Johna

    JavaScript Image Carousel Issue with First and Last Image

    I've been trying to make an image carousel for quite a while not, I've finally got somewhere, but there's still one issue. When the carousel moves to the next image, rather that the last image sliding in, it just appears. Same with going to previous Image, but then it's the first image. I know...
  13. nil14

    Answered toggle bar not responding

    hey a total newbie to web development here , I'm just trying to create a "slide menu"/toggle bar(?) in which you get the item list when clicking the on the the 3 lines , anybody could tell me why it's not working for me ? I copied a code from a tutorial but I don't know how to fix the problem /...
  14. kevindougans

    CSS inline newsletter signup form on squarespace - CSS nightmare

    I'm trying to make a form all in one line instead of over multiple lines/height. It can be seen on https://grapefruit-crocodile-hdl3.squarespace.com/ (pwd: contagency) It's supposed to look the attached image, any pointers appreciated. I've got this far, so far: form { display: flex; }...
  15. C

    CSS Logo not showing

    Hi, I am facing an issue that i cant seem to work out. My logo does not appear in the top left. Instead it appears with a broken image sign and the page title. Any ideas of why this might be. I am using Asset clean up not sure if i may have messes up the coding there?
  16. Johna

    HTML & CSS Slider does one Complete Loop, Continues to the Next Image, Goes Back to the First, and then Runs Normally Again.

    I'm trying to create a slider with HTML and CSS, but there's an error that after one complete loop, the slider continues to the next image, and then goes back to the first, and then runs normally again. Here's the code: <link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css"> <div id="sliderMain"> <div...
  17. Johna

    CSS Is it Possible to Pause a CSS Animation at a Specific Key Frame?

    Is it possible to pause a CSS animation at a specific key frame? I have this HTML: <div id="sliderMain"> <div id="sliderLL" class="st2"></div> <div id="sliderL" class="st1"></div> <a href="#" style="cursor: default;"><div id="sliderM" class="st0"></div></a> <div id="sliderR"...
  18. Servin_Laughter

    JavaScript JavaScript script that can read text that is inside of an HTML page?

    Hey! This is a revision to a previous question I asked. I want to use JavaScript to read the text that is put onto an HTML page through an IFrame element. The IFrame element is a news and updates subscription list, and when you enter the information, the screen says "Your subscription has been...
  19. B

    HTML & CSS Eliminate extra space after selection in dropdown

    There is extra space after selection in the Site dropdown. I believe this is a css issue but I'm not sure what I need to eliminate the extra space. I tried putting padding-bottom:.25em which got it closer but still too much space. Can someone please help me with a solution?
  20. L

    CSS How to change the CSS a bit?

    Hi I found this CSS and it helps me highlighting current active main menu-item - also when the active page is in a dropdown. (Its CSS for WordPress with Elementor) It works well - but I would like to have it work at bit different because right now its shows the same color on both main-menu...
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