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  1. D

    HTML & CSS What tools should I use for color matching?

    What tools should I use for color matching? I got a task: pdf file. I took the program with a "pipette". Got the color code. I paste it into HTML. Result: the colors in the task and the HTML page do not match. How to choose a color?
  2. M

    HTML & CSS How do I make a component like this?

    I use React JS and scss I need to make a component like this This is a component of the message We need to make one like on the photo, the component can come with a different number of images and with different sizes
  3. D

    HTML & CSS How To Nest Embedded Video and Audio In DIV?

    I'm trying to figure out how to nest embedded YouTube Video and Audio in DIV so I can enter caption beneath them. See - Test page I have tried moving captions around, surrounding Audio and Video players with DIVs in different ways so that caption is contained below players, but nothing works...
  4. Techtrek

    HTML & CSS How to link CSS to HTML

    help in linking css to html
  5. Nazmus Saqueeb Ashrafi

    HTML & CSS Bootstrap

    Has anyone here used Bootstrap? If so, how difficult is it to learn to use? I'd love to be able to just assign a class to get the effect I want without having to mess with a bunch of CSS properties. Heard a lot of positives about it. How is it compared to Tailwind? Give me advice on the best...
  6. SpongeBOB

    CSS Play two CSS animation at the same time , should be possible...

    Hi, I have set two CSS animation with @keyframes. When I launch them individualy it's work. but when I try togethere only one is running... any ideas ? @keyframes fieldsetLoginAnim { 0% {transform: scale(0,0);} 25% {transform: scale(1.2,1.2);} 50% {transform: scale(0.8,0.8);} 75%...
  7. S

    HTML & CSS Image alignment

    Hi all so i am just stepping into css and working my through trying to learn and wondered if anyone can help me with this please as im stuck - here is my code and image attached - im trying to get the image to align left so its the same as the text - many thanks
  8. kawasaki93

    HTML & CSS need help creating app

    hello, im trying to create a sunbed app for a project but having some problems and questions. I have to create this one; https://ibb.co/qBYf1HQ 1.how can i "clone" the exact number of squares i need. 2.web margins to see it same in a mobile or tablet.(when i log in with my mobile i see 10...
  9. J

    HTML & CSS need help to keep container over buildning in my background

    Hi all, im new here and im facing a problem i cant solve myself. im trying to place container over some buildning on my background image, so that i can hover to highlight them. my problem is that if i resize my browser, they dont align any more. is there i smart way to make sure they stay over...
  10. prgti_free_coder

    animation using html and css

    Hey, I don't know if this is a platform to promote my youtube channel or not.. I'm new to this forum.. and here to inform you about my new youtube channel 'PRGTI free coder' animations by using html, css and js. if you are beginner in coding world and want to make animations then don't forget...
  11. S

    JavaScript How to create simmilar buttons on js ?

    Hello ! Now I'm trying to create similar functionality in js. How to create simmilar buttons on js ? Here's the original thread https://codeforum.org/threads/how-to-add-menu-buttons-and-make-them-work.1758/ as also a code, and code on codepen https://codepen.io/shchdmitrii/pen/ExWvbZZ Kind...
  12. P

    HTML & CSS Linking from one HTML project to another HTML project

    Hello, I'm currently stuck as I'm trying to make a personal page with links to all of my other projects. The problem is that the project I'm trying to link to is not a part of the personal website itself. I'm sorry for my bad explanation in advance :laugh: I have a folder (personal page)...
  13. A

    CSS CSS :hover challenges

    Hello! I'm a beginner with CSS and am troubleshooting a site built with a custom theme file in WordPress. There is a 'recent posts' section at the bottom of the Homepage and each of the post content sections has a white background. When you hover over the text, the text changes to white. I've...
  14. G

    CSS text wrapping around positioned image

    I'm working on a site where I have a block of text overlapping an image using positioning. The block overlaps the image fine, but the text within the block is wrapping around the shape of the image instead of overlapping it. Any thoughts on how to get the image to overlap the underlying image...
  15. noturavgchristian

    HTML & CSS Help very confused just got into css.

    So I am working on a blogger template and I am having trouble lining the image with the header to the right. Sorry I am new to css I got most of the code from watching a youtuber. Thanks in advance. <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <meta...
  16. clizco

    CSS Problem with css

    Hello person who reads this, I hope you are well. I have a doubt with CSS, I have been working on a small project that I started recently I wanted to make a web page style with header, images and etc. But when I change the size of the header image it changes all the others. I would like to...
  17. TobiasDesigns

    HTML & CSS Looking on how to merge these two html codes. Every-time i try to merge them i mess up. Long question from very much beginner

    More info is on the bottom, im trying to merge 2 f2u templates together, specifically a snippet of one html onto another. And i am struggling tremendously, im sorry i have to put so many links, i really just cant share it all here :-: ive been looking for help and trying to fix it mysefl fir...
  18. WhateverBeach

    HTML & CSS Help me add an email link to a flying image, please.

    My CSS script: <div class="flier">{image 1 scale="140"}</div> <a href="[email protected]">Email me! target="_blank"&gt;{image 1}</a> I want to add the second-line link to the top line. As of now it just adds a new image. I have 0 coding knowledge. I am also doing this on cargo we builder.
  19. A

    HTML & CSS CSS last menu item float left

    can someone advise how to move the sub-menu drop menu to left, .header .menu > .menu-item { position: relative; display: inline-block; margin: 0 .75rem } .header .menu > .menu-item > a { display: block; font-family: inherit; font-size: 1rem; font-weight: 500...
  20. faustoffer

    HTML & CSS Optimization for different desktops

    Oh, hi guys, I'm beginner in programming on HTML,CSS and I have a some problems with my second try to do landing page. I was designed my own site on Figma with resolution 1600x900. In the process of layout when I check web version I have a such problem (check attachment) and I don't know how to...
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